8 for Kate

Nooo I’m not talking about Kate Gosselin + her kids. I’m talking about my 8 mile long run tonight! Not only was this the longest distance I’ve ever run, but I did it in such a good time — 76:54. This was a 9:36 pace which I’m just so excited about. After getting through my {Read More…}

Cardio Shuffle

You’ve heard of the Cupid Shuffle, so now I bring to you the Cardio Shuffle. Today’s workout goal consisted of using the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike each for 20 minutes. I then compared the calories burned and miles completed. Treadmill: 2 miles / 230 calories Elliptical: 1.6 miles / 180 calories Stationary Bike: 3.6 {Read More…}

Apartment Exercises

Recently I was asked by my friend what some good and quick exercises were for an apartment setting. He has no free weights, exercise band, jump rope, or exercise ball. So therefore, the list below you need no equipment and can do right in your house!! Aerobics Jumping Jacks Power X: kind of like a {Read More…}

Arms, Bike, Chipotle!

Gooooood evening. Today I waited for John to get home from work so we could workout together. We started with a quick arms/shoulders workout… …Slow-Fast Push-ups (3 slow, 4 fast) repeat… …Alternating Curls (please excuse my silly facial expressions in all these photos tonight!)… …Side and Front Extensions… …and Pike Presses (I’m terrible at these, {Read More…}

Music Motivation

Last night I added new songs to my iPod shuffle which I use strictly for workout music. This morning I went for another 3.1 mile run and my times improved since last time. 1 mile = 9:26 2 mile = 20:32 3.1 mile = 33:20 I really think music is a huge motivator for me. {Read More…}