Staying Healthy and Sane During a Relocation

I made it to Maryland yesterday! I’m staying with my aunt and uncle until the movers arrive with the truck on Sunday, but I get to see our townhouse today! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! The movers are making their way to John’s parents house today to pick up the rest {Read More…}

Five Things Friday: Travel Edition

5. Donut Peaches are so cute! I really wish I would have bought one to try. (At market in MD). 4. I was a nutrition nerd when I saw this trailer parked in a rest stop. (Traveling from MD to OH). 3. Minnesota has A LOT of lakes. (Standing in WI – lake is part {Read More…}

College Memories

I’m not actually sure how it turned one since it had been off for over two years, but somehow I managed to get all my college pictures off of it!! … During some of these pictures I lived on campus and some I lived in an apartment with my roommate and those kitties.

Around the World: Alaska

“The recipes my family made the most involved sea food. We had lots of salmon, and would make it a couple of different ways. We’d put just teriyaki sauce on it or put honey mustard over it with french fried onions sprinkled on top. My absolute favorite, and perhaps falls in the ‘if nutrition doesn’t {Read More…}

Shenandoah National Park — Skyline Drive

It’s almost time for the wedding ceremony at 5:30!! We are staying at the Mimslyn Inn where the ceremony and reception are taking place. Ceremony site… Of course more photos to come after the wedding! But for now, these photos from our adventure today at the Skyline Drive are really incredible. Buck Hollow Overlook: Pinnacles {Read More…}

Around the World: Mexico

Most healthy/nutritious food experienced while in Mexico: Shrimp Tacos What made it so healthy/nutritious? The meal was made with the bare minimum because they wanted the taste of the shrimp to be the main focus of the meal. It was made with wheat tortillas, jumbo shrimp, and I added green salsa to it. Shrimp Tacos {Read More…}

Around the World: Spain

Most healthy/nutritious food you have experienced while in Spain: “Paella: Rice dish with lots of seafood and sometimes other meats like chicken or rabbit!” ~Joe G. “Vegetable Sandwich, Salsa, Fresh Fruit Smooties, OLIVES!, baked falafels, and field green salads with orange dressing.” ~Amanda G. What made it so healthy/nutritious: “The seafood is healthy, as far {Read More…}