Baby Heddleston 2.0: Week 32!

I’ll be 33 weeks along tomorrow, so it’s time to tell you all about week 32! It was a good one – yay!! Another week with a deceiving photo – I swear I look more pregnant in person! What’s Up With Baby According to What to Expect, baby is weighing almost four pounds! Baby is {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 37

Another week come and gone. I’m 38 weeks pregnant today and week 37 was quite the adventure. First off, I’m starting to feel really pregnant. I have to take more breaks while walking. My breath becomes labored quicker. And I’m just starting to feel not as cute! I’m also becoming very anxious (in a good {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 36

As of tomorrow, I’ll officially be full term – yay for 37 weeks! A lot happened during week 36, so let’s just started! And because my changes have been more evident toward the end of my pregnancy, let’s have some flashback photos. Guess it’s true that babies grow the most in the third trimester! What’s {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 35

As of today, February 28, 2012, I’m officially 36 weeks pregnant — only 28 days until my due date. Time to tell you all about week 35! 35 weeks pregnancy and I was wearing a pre-pregnancy sweater dress and leggings! Bounch! (As my sister would say.) I felt so cute in this outfit. It’s funny {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 34

This post usually gets published earlier in the day, but I was just too tired! Week 34 was definitely a sleepy and emotional one – but it was still great. My mom visited for the weekend and made lots of curtains for our townhouse and especially baby’s room. I plan to do a vlog tour {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 33

Today, Valentine’s Day, I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant (whoa). Time to tell you all about week 33! What’s Up With Baby: This week Baby H. weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17 inch mark — no wonder I feel him playing around in the right side of my {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 32

Today, February 6, 2012, I’m officially 33 weeks pregnant! It’s crazy to think that I only have 7 weeks to go and only 4 weeks until full-term. CRAZY! What’s Up With Baby: According to BabyCenter, baby now weighs 3.75 pounds (the weight of a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long. Weight Gain: This {Read More…}