Sunday, Mr. Healthy, myself, + a bunch of the Rich labbers ran to support a wonderful cause: American Brain Tumor Association. The event was the 1st annual Eldon Blake Memorial walk/run. Pictured left is Katie, who lost her father to Brain Cancer and organized this event herself. Pictured right is Jeremy, Mr. Healthy’s PI. While {Read More…}


Today was my first 5K! First, I’d like to take a second to thank Jill from irun ieat for answering all my crazy questions I had after picking up my race packet last night. I woke up to your answers this morning and they immediately helped my nerves a little! Husband and I were well {Read More…}

Filled with Questions

Tomorrow is my first 5K. I just picked up my packet of info and I feel like I have so many unanswered questions. First, how do they time you???? We didn’t get a cool shoe clip — soo ideas anyone? Second, I still don’t know the course. That’s okay right? Third, how early should I {Read More…}

Rookie Marathon Training Plan

Today was the Pittsburgh marathon. I knew some people who were running in the marathon or half marathon so I made myself be motivated and at least get outside to run/jog/walk a few miles. I thought about those running the marathon a lot this morning and was trying to send some positive running spirits with {Read More…}