32 weeks with baby 3.0!

Can’t let anymore days go by or I’ll be 33 weeks! Last Friday I hit 32 weeks and this are plugging right along! This past week was my first visit to the chiropractor and man it was helpful. My hips, sacrum, and more are all out of alignment thanks to baby positioning and just general {Read More…}

Baby Heddleston 2.0: Week 28!

I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so it’s time to tell you all about week 28!! What’s Up With Baby: What to Expect says baby H2.0 is about 2.5 pounds and nearing 16 inches long. Baby is starting to get ready to exit with his head down. New tricks have been added to H2.0’s repertoire, {Read More…}

Baby Heddleston 2.0: Week 27!

I really need to start writing these updates earlier in the day Wednesday (or Tuesday night and then scheduling them for Wednesday), because when I get home from shallow water running I am just zonked! I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow… so it’s time to tell you all about week 27!! I hit 27 weeks {Read More…}

Friday: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD!

For the last day of Summer Fun Giveaway Week, I have an amazing workout DVD from Amanda Tress, founder of Fit Pregnancy and Parenting. I bought her DVD in my first trimester and shared my (then) pregnancy secret with her! I asked Amanda if she’d be interested in offering a giveaway to my readers once {Read More…}

Fit Mama Friday: For Two Fitness® Apparel

When I was pregnant with Xander, I would see the cutest For Two Fitness® outfits floating around my social media circles. At the time, I’m not sure if I knew that For Two Fitness® was the company, but I sure do now! I was recently selected to be a ambassador for their company and I {Read More…}

Shower Hug Review

Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Go order yourself a Shower Hug NOW! Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but I’ve loved my Shower Hug ever since receiving it. The Shower Hug is basically a soft terry cloth towel with a velcro closure that wraps around your breasts. The velcro closure is four inches wide, so it will still {Read More…}

THAT Awkward Question

What question do you think I’m referring to? Drumroll please…. “Were you trying?” First of all, that’s not an appropriate question in my book. Second of all, the answer to that question doesn’t change anything, so what does it matter? After announcing that we were pregnant, I received a few “were you trying?” inquiries from {Read More…}