Pizza Topping Inspiration

I love a good pizza. It’s harder for me to indulge in a greasy take-out pizza since being gluten-free, but it’s better this way. The pizza mix by Bob’s Red Mill is the best I’ve tried so far. You just add yeast, eggs, water, and a touch of oil to the mix. All of the {Read More…}

Camille’s Basil Pesto

If you have a garden of your own, I hope your basil is growing aplenty! When Xander and I were in PA while John was traveling for work, I was treated to some of the freshest foods around — goodies right from my dad and Camille’s garden! Camille’s basil was beautiful and they were nice {Read More…}

Gluten Free Pizza in Town!

The first pizza I tried was from Zeppe’s, which is a local pizza franchise in the northeast Ohio area. You can find full details on how they prepare it gluten-free on the right side of Zeppe’s website. This pizza was a 12-inch pie that cost $19.99. I didn’t know how much it would cost until {Read More…}

An Eggcelent Pizza

I made a really good decision last night… White Garlic Pizza with an Egg Ingredients — I don’t have exact measurements pre-made personal crust or home-made / freezer dough formed into a personal crust* olive oil mozzarella cheese garlic salt grape tomatoes one egg *I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free pizza dough mix — {Read More…} —

Recently, my dad gave me yummy tomatoes and potatoes from his garden. He also gave me yummy peaches–pictured here– but this post is all about the tomatoes! I’ve been in the mood to use my Bob’s Red Mill Pizza crust mix, so I decided to make a white pizza with lots of fresh tomatoes as {Read More…}

Amy’s GF Tasting Paarr-tay!!

Product review time! Thanks to Amy’s I was able to sample some gluten free products:  Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Rice Macaroni and Cheese, Chocolate Cake, and Burritos! I waited to try the products until my Mom came in town, who is also gluten intolerant. This way we could get more opinions, as well as the opinion {Read More…}

Zucchini Madness (Part I)

ZUCCHINI zucchini ZUCCHINI zucchini ZUCCHINI w . h . e . w . I told you yesterday that I would tell you what I did with my farmers market zucchini — well, who knew two big veggies could create so much shredded zucchini! First on the menu list was a theme and variation of a {Read More…}