Shirt Spirit

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m working on re-capping my visit home for my brother’s 21st birthday — hopefully part of it will be posted tonight! But for now, I have a silly fun post. When I headed home for my Gaga’s passing in July, I filled my suitcase with suitable dresses + shirts with positive {Read More…}

CLE Bloggie Meet-up!

One of the great benefits of being apart of the blogging community is being able to meet some fantastic bloggers in real life! I had that opportunity on Friday and had a great time! First, let’s get to the food: Alicia was an awesome hostess and created a fantastic spread for us! Here are myself {Read More…}

And it Goes On & On & On…

My birthday continued till Sunday night when Mr. Healthy and I could celebrate together. He surprised me with suggesting dinner at Maggiano’s and opening presents. Maggiano’s is a pretty special place for us… our first date, where I had my graduation dinner, and they serve gluten free pasta — fabulous! The first Maggiano’s I had {Read More…}

Birthday Bananas

Isn’t it fun when it feels like your birthday is a whole weekend and not just a day? Check out the first two recaps of my 25th here and here. Saturday morning started with a run with our friend Sam. It was an awesome cool morning, which made for a great run! We started in {Read More…}

Birthday Fun*Night*

Miss the first recap of my birthday festivities? Get caught up! Go, go! Mr. Healthy started to whip up a gluten free vanilla birthday cake along with Texas Sheet Cake icing while I was getting ready for the evening’s adventures. We had a late lunch, so we decided to enjoy dessert first and grab dinner {Read More…}

Birthday Fun*Day*

Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes for my 25th birthday! I definitely had a wonderful weekend and really appreciate all the wishes, love, and generosity people have shown to me! I will be posting all about my adventures throughout the week! My sister, Ellen, arrived Thursday night from Indianapolis and the {Read More…}

Cardio Shuffle

You’ve heard of the Cupid Shuffle, so now I bring to you the Cardio Shuffle. Today’s workout goal consisted of using the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike each for 20 minutes. I then compared the calories burned and miles completed. Treadmill: 2 miles / 230 calories Elliptical: 1.6 miles / 180 calories Stationary Bike: 3.6 {Read More…}