My Seven Links

Instead of a Five Things Friday post, I am completing my 7 links today! I was tagged in this fun social media meme by Heather! Confession: I had to look up the definition of meme after seeing so many people describe this game as one. So here are the details: Goal: To unite bloggers in {Read More…}

Caity’s Independence Day 5K

I had a routine in which I would get up, eat breakfast, snack while watching Regis and Kelly, then watch Ellen, eat lunch, watch the Young and the Restless, get showered run errands, snack before dinner, and then eat dinner. … If there is anyone out there that reads this and realizes that “fat girls can run” then I have met another goal of inspiring someone to get focused, get serious and change their lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle however they define it.

Ten Things This Tuesday: Why the Heddlestons Should Stay in Cleveland

Hi Everyone! I hope you’ve been doing fabulously while I’ve been traveling! Today my dad and step-mom Camille are driving through to pick me up drive to Minnesota for my step-sister Alyssa’s wedding. It’s going to be a long trip! To keep you entertained, I have one of my best blends guesting today! Take it {Read More…}

What I’ve Been Doing

This past weekend was amazing. I had our friend Joe, one of my best friends Courtney, and my sister Ellen ALL come to visit us! Their trips all overlapped so one evening we even had all three of them having a slumber party on our living room floor. So instead of taking a zillion posts {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Kali!!

Today is one of my wonderful blends (blog + friend) birthdays. She is more than just a blend though — she has become such a great great friend! Who’s birthday is it? Kali from FinishingFirsts. I first “met” Kali via twitter, but after meeting at our first blog meet up, we were instant friends. Here {Read More…}

Saturday with Caity

Saturday morning started with a wonderful downtown Cleveland bike tour with Great Lakes Touring Co. I plan on doing a full recap this week, but couldn’t help but giving you a little teaser!! After the tour, the whole group went to lunch at La Bodega. It was our first time there and the food was {Read More…}

Caity is Here!!

My BBF from home is here!!! Caity arrived last night and we have a full weekend planned! Here are some pictures from past…..!! (She made that ribbon bouquet by the way — isn’t is awesome?!) We’ve had a TON of memories! We met in tenth grade history class, when I was a transfer student, and {Read More…}