Five Things Friday: FOOD

1. I like marking initials into pies as the air holes. Wonder who this pie was for!? 2. I cooked the biggest spaghetti squash ever a few weeks ago. 3. It’s not fall until I’ve made milled applesauce! 4. I wish these little beauties were still in season! 5. Nothing is better than the smell {Read More…}

Food is Fuel

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but I’ve been battling a nasty cold since Sunday night and missed #fitblog chat again. It’s okay though, I was cuddled up in my comfy chair watching shows on Netflix; plus, it’s been fun answering the questions on Wednesday mornings! Last night, Monica from Eat Run Repeat {Read More…}

Food Thanks

A trending topic on twitter today was #foodthanks. I reached out to my twitter friends and received some great food thanks contributions for this post. Thank you!! You will find Mr. Healthy + me + a special guest’s food thanks at the end of this post. Enjoy! < < Mr. Healthy gives Food Thanks: I’m {Read More…}

Friday Fondue

Friday night we joined Mr. Healthy’s sister Sara + her boyfriend for CPK + Melting Pot dessert fondue. John + I arrived early so we browsed Crate & Barrel. He enjoyed poking fun at my excitement of mini plates matching my dress…. Sara + Scott were smart and did call ahead seating. We got settled {Read More…}

CLE Bloggie Meet-up!

One of the great benefits of being apart of the blogging community is being able to meet some fantastic bloggers in real life! I had that opportunity on Friday and had a great time! First, let’s get to the food: Alicia was an awesome hostess and created a fantastic spread for us! Here are myself {Read More…}

Around the World: Spain

Most healthy/nutritious food you have experienced while in Spain: “Paella: Rice dish with lots of seafood and sometimes other meats like chicken or rabbit!” ~Joe G. “Vegetable Sandwich, Salsa, Fresh Fruit Smooties, OLIVES!, baked falafels, and field green salads with orange dressing.” ~Amanda G. What made it so healthy/nutritious: “The seafood is healthy, as far {Read More…}


Types of Dietary Fiber Insoluble Fiber: does not dissolve in water, nor is it fermented by the bacteria in the gut. It retains water, helping to promote a softer, bulkier stool.  This helps sweep out certain toxins and cancer-causing carcinogens and helps to balance intestine acidity. Insoluble fibers is found in whole wheat, wheat bran, {Read More…}