Intuitive Eating Series: Post 1

Reaction from FitBloggin’ Writing about my experiences with intuitive eating has been long over due. I spoke on a panel last May during FitBloggin’ and have been meaning to recap and expand upon my experiences since. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, you will start to see more posts about my {Read More…}

Pucker Up!

Hi friends! I’m not in the mood to blog right now, but I wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures from FitBloggin’! Thanks to Beth for the photo Catch you later with a real post! xo, Healthy Heddleston

FitBloggin’ Recap: Saturday

Saturday at FitBloggin’ was a very informative day. There were three sessions to choose from during each time slot, except for the keynote speakers at the end of the day. Below you will see an outline of the day I chose! All session recaps are up on the FitBloggin’ website — definitely worth checking out!! {Read More…}

FitBloggin’ Recap: Friday

Thursday at FitBloggin’ was really fun, but Friday the conference really began! Friday morning was all about fun fitness and rockin’ some ALO clothing. First up was the 5k run / 1 mile walk. It was a bit chilly in the morning, so I opted to put my ALO capris under the running shorts. After {Read More…}

FitBloggin’ Recap: Thursday

I was a busy busy bee Thursday morning, as I was trying to get a lot done and finish packing for FitBloggin. Then, before I knew it, fellow east-sider Lyn was calling me! She offered to take me with her to the airport — thank you!! We quickly met up with west-side friends, Heather and {Read More…}

FitBloggin’ Roomies

I’ve been having a great time with some family in Baltimore and fly back to Cleveland Tuesday morning. Before I get back home to recap FitBloggin’ properly, I wanted to take a minute to give my roomies a shout out and thank them for being so awesome! Tina, Amanda, and Heather were such incredible roomies {Read More…}

FitBloggin’ Hello

Hi Everyone!! I’m Katie and am so glad to have met so many great people over this past FitBloggin’ weekend. I’m actually still in Baltimore visiting with family, so my recaps will be coming shortly! I had a fabulous time, loved being on the Intuitive Eating panel, and met so many people! I can’t wait {Read More…}