The Bitter (Better?) End

Last night I came home right as #FitBlog was ending, however, I knew I didn’t want to miss out on answering these questions because the hilarious JackSht of Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit was moderator! I hope everyone had fun and here are my answers below!! 1. You’re dead (don’t worry, you lived to the ripe {Read More…}

Doubly Fit

This past weekend there were TWO #fitblog chats! I was a punk and didn’t make either of them, but I really like the topics. So, as you are used to by now, I’m going to answer the questions now! I hope you answer some of the questions as well, in the comment section! —– Monday’s {Read More…}

As Seen on TV

I never got around to answering last week’s #fitblog chat questions, so I will now since I really liked them! Plus, new questions will be coming tonight. As Seen on TV — moderated last week by Jamie What is the craziest fitness equipment you’ve ever bought from TV? Did it work? I remember having an {Read More…}

FitBlog Fear Factor

Last night, the lovely Lauren from Team Giles was FitBlog Chat moderator. Her topic sounded amazing, yet I found myself laying in bed at 9 pm. That seems to be a growing trend with me — but I like it! Nonetheless, I still want to answer Lauren’s questions and think you may enjoy answering them {Read More…}

Beating the Mid-Winter Blues

Yesterday was the first daytime #fitblog chat and I missed it! The lovely Donna from Beating Limitations hosted and I’m sure she did a fabulous job! She also has a fabulous story so be sure to jump over to her blog and give it a read. (By the way, I’m also quite jealous she was {Read More…}

Food is Fuel

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but I’ve been battling a nasty cold since Sunday night and missed #fitblog chat again. It’s okay though, I was cuddled up in my comfy chair watching shows on Netflix; plus, it’s been fun answering the questions on Wednesday mornings! Last night, Monica from Eat Run Repeat {Read More…}

Health: Is it all about the Benjamins?

Last night I missed #fitblog chat. The lovely Morgan from Life After Bagels was moderator and I’m sure she did a fabulous job! I loved her topic, so I wanted to answer her questions today! Q1: Do you consider proper nutrition and fitness to be an expensive habit? Overall no. I think you can stay {Read More…}