Around the World: Italy

“For Italy I would have to say one of the most often utilized foods (in one way or another) would be the tomato! Eaten fresh or prepared in one of the many sauces, the tomato is shown to have many health benefits because it contains the anti-oxidant Lycopene. Lycopene helps fight against cancerous cell formations {Read More…}

Around the World: The Philippines

Most healthy/nutritious food you have experienced while in The Philippines: “We always incorporate vegetables in our meal. It’s not only affordable but healthy! I love Pinakbet (mixed veggies) and Chopsuey (stir fry veggies). We have different ways of cooking base in one’s region. As to where I got my cooking recipe which is from my {Read More…}

Around the World: The Netherlands

“The Dutch are generally healthy people, but not necessarily because of what they eat! They bike absolutely everywhere. The whole country is very friendly to bikers with designated bike lanes and bike traffic lights on all the streets. While public transportation is also extensive, Dutch people all have their own bikes to get around, even {Read More…}

Around the World

I will be launching an Around the World mini series late this week/early next week. This series will feature one new country each week until I run out of contributors. I am looking for the questions below to be answered by those who have traveled abroad/lived abroad for a substantial amount of time/grew up in {Read More…}