Cleveland Auto Show VIP Event

I spotted a Chevy Girls sign right away and a mini photo shoot ensued. IMG_4351.JPG IMG_4352.jpg We then looked a few cars that could be future “Katie cars”… the Malibu and Traverse. IMG_4357.jpg IMG_4356.JPG IMG_4362.JPG IMG_4360.jpg And then we looked at John’s dream car… the Chevy Camaro. … I also wanted to get inside a smartcar they were locked. IMG_4417.JPG IMG_4422.jpg Then, before leaving, we had to take a peak into the classic portion of the auto show even though we saw nobody doing this.

Goodbye Mr. Cruze

Now that I’ve shared how hard my separation has been from Tommy, I just want to thank the Northeast Ohio Chevy Dealers for giving me the opportunity to drive Mr.

…I enjoyed many many features about Tommy, but I would have to say my favorites were the great gas mileage (~26-30 mpg), the engine horse power (he really could make it up hills with no issues), and the heated seats (especially in this cold Cleveland weather).

Cruze Critiques

I’ve spent a lot of time gushing about cool features + my favorite features in the Chevy Cruze… but I thought it would only be fair to create a post with Cruze Critiques as well. In no particular order… 1. Having the lock/unlock button in the center console drives me nuts. I like to get {Read More…}

Junk in the Trunk

Oh wait, we’re not talking about junk in my trunk. We’re talking about the amazing trunk space in the Chevy Cruze! Traveling over Christmas was the perfect time to test out how much the trunk could fit! Watch the video now! And, as always, the end is the best, lol. — Yes, I do crack {Read More…}

Does your car have THIS feature?

iPod Jack Dancing in the Cruze from Katie Heddleston on Vimeo. Pretty cool huh? This feature pretty much amazes me since I don’t even have a CD player in my year 2000 car! Can you believe it?? So basically I went from a tape player to iPod Jack — aren’t I progressive?? (At least for {Read More…}

The Cruze vs The Baby Carrier

Initially I thought the Cruze was bigger than my current car — and it is for the front seat driver/passenger + the trunk space — but back seat passengers are definitely more cramped in the Cruze vs. my current car. I wanted to further test the back seat space by taking Baby J on a {Read More…}

Chevy Girls Unite!!

Last weekend, the northeast ohio Chevy girls united for some fun! We met at the restaurant Southside in the Tremont area of Cleveland. It was my first time meeting Alana from The Dawg’s Dish and it’s always great to see Alicia from Poise in Parma! It was my first time to Southside and I would {Read More…}