Happy Birthday X!

Our little baby is officially a toddler! John kept saying weeks ago that Xander entered toddlerhood when he started to walk more than crawl. Reaching milestone after milestone is such an awesome experience as a parent, but it’s sad too! It’s so hard to believe that Xander is one today! John took off work today {Read More…}

Happy 60th Dad!

Today my dad turns 60 years old, and inside he has a heart of gold. When I was younger I wasn’t always cool with the idea of “sharing” my birthday with my dad, even though it was one day before his. Those, of course, were bratty thoughts, since I liked being the center of attention. {Read More…}


Today I turn 27. My twenties have been amazing years of my life. At 20 and 21 I was in undergrad and living at college with my very best friends. At 22 I graduated undergrad, started my master’s degree and was proposed to four days before turn 23. At 23 I finished graduate school, lived {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Johnny!

To the most awesome guy I know… Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for you to share the “most awesome guy I know” title with Baby H, in just a few short months! This past year together has been incredible and I wish you the happiest 27th year to come! All my love forever, Katie

Happy Birthday Ellen!

It’s my sister’s 28th birthday! Some thoughts for Ellen on her birthday: I love that we’re only 20 months a part. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year. I wish you were still living a mile away from our new townhouse (I honestly can’t believe we would’ve been that close!) I can’t wait {Read More…}

Happy Birthday Billy!!

My little brother turns 22 today and I just can’t believe it!! I love you Billy and you are just simply the best. Thanks for being the best little brother ever!! Happy Birthday!! Love, Your younger older sister.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thank you Johnny!! You are the best husband and made my birthday so so fun! Plus, I love my gift — but you knew I would!! Can’t wait for the upcoming two weekends traveling home to our families Love, Katie