Lincoln’s Birth Story

Now that Lincoln’s pre-birth story details have been shared, it’s time to try to describe the events of Friday the 13th. It’s been almost a week since his birth and each day I’ve been trying to figure out how to accurately describe his story. So this story may not be eloquently written, but here we {Read More…}

Lincoln’s Pre-Birth Story Details

I’m going to try to do the best I can to tell Lincoln’s birth story. Some specific details are really fuzzy, so I’ll do the best I can! Today I’ve typed out details leading up to “go-time” and will be back with the details of Lincoln’s actual birth. …………………. We knew all along that I {Read More…}

One Year Later: Xander’s Birthday Story by John

A note from Katie: pictures in the post are all from Xander’s stay in the hospital. The flow of the pictures doesn’t correspond with the story John is telling – this is done on purpose. Didn’t want anyone to be confused! Without further adieu, here is my awesome husband: It started out like any other {Read More…}

Xander’s Birth Story — Part 2

Sorry for the cliffhanger on part one of Xander’s birth story! The post was getting long and that seemed like the perfect place to break. Moving on… …Angel broke my water and with it she saw some light meconium (the baby’s first stool). At this point she explained that John would not be able to {Read More…}

Xander’s Birth Story — Part 1

I’m not sure why it’s taken me almost 5 weeks to complete Xander’s birth story – I’ve obviously posted other things prior to this. I suppose one reason why I’ve delayed writing his story is that it’s a short story to tell. His birth wasn’t dramatic or traumatic. It was quite simply a great experience. {Read More…}