My PA Baby Shower

During this week’s baby update, I mentioned having my PA baby shower over the weekend. I thought it would be fun to give you a few more pictures to enjoy from that fun day! I wish I would have had this post up this morning, but last night I was feeling blah. I think I’m {Read More…}

My Pregnancy Journey: Week 31

What a week! Today I am officially 32 weeks pregnant, but week 31 was a fun one. It was filled with a weekend to PA for my baby shower and family events. Here are more details about week 31: I look kind of tired in that picture – sorry! What’s Up With Baby: According to {Read More…}

Ohio Baby Shower

Since you are probably sick of resolution/goal posts for 2012, and that’s exactly what my post was this morning, I decided to give you a fun second post with scenes from my Ohio baby shower!! Three weeks ago, when we were headed back to Ohio for our friends wedding and an early Christmas at the {Read More…}