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The Start Clean 2013 health challenge is now over. It was a month long challenge in January 2013. There are now immediate plans for another challenge, but please email healthyheddleston (at) gmail (dot) com if you have requests or ideas for the future. Below you can read all the details about the challenge and even use the daily prompts on your own.

This page was a reference for everything in one place! Go ahead… see what we were up to!

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Start Clean 2013 Challenge Details

The goal behind Start Clean 2013 is to help take the motivation you have from the beginning of the year and guide you in health challenge through the entire month of January, to ensure your motivation goes beyond the first day or week of the year. By having an amazing January, I hope to help set you up for an amazing year.

Start Clean 2013 will provide daily prompts for participants to complete and weekly prizes to help keep you motivated! There will also be one big grand prize. See below for the daily prompt schedule and how to win prizes.

Anyone can participate – you don’t have to have a blog, or a Twitter or Facebook account. You will need to at least have an email account if you’d like to be eligible to win prizes. The challenge is a flexible format and you will be able to participate as much or as little as you’d like.

Start Clean 2013 is not a diet, but does focus a lot on food. I hope to help you explore your food choices, get organized in the kitchen, and help you learn more about your food habits and choices. I’ve also included at least one fitness prompt each week. Please let me know if there is any other type of prompt you’d like to see!

Daily Prompt Schedule

If agenda is not selected, click agenda to see everything nicely :)

You can also view the agenda with THIS LINK. Simply click on the link and then click on agenda on the top right of the page. I will also write a weekly post with all the prompts along with tips and suggestions! So make sure you keep checking back all January long!

How To Win Prizes

1. Participate in the daily prompt. Snap a photo and tag me in your share. Ways to share with me:

  • Via Twitter: Tag @KatieHeddleston and use the hashtag #StartClean2013
  • Via Instagram: Tag @KatieHeddleston and use the hashtag #StartClean2013
  • Via Facebook: Tag Healthy Heddleston in your post. Make sure your post is public so I can view it.
  • Via your Blog: Share the post URL with me somehow so I see it!
  • Email your prompt pictures at if you aren’t active on social media and this will count as your entry.

2. Become a daily finalist. Each day two finalists will be chosen. One finalist will be drawn with; one will be Katie’s Pick.

3. The daily finalists will then be eligible to win the weekly prize. Finalists from week one will be eligible to win week one’s prize. Finalists from week two will be eligible to win week two’s prize and so on. ALL finalists from the entire #StartClean2013 challenge will be eligible to win the grand prize.

At this time only residents of the United States are eligible for prizes. I hope you will still participate if you are from another country!


I have amazing sponsors lined for for prizes and I know you’re going to love what they are giving!

Special thanks to all my #StartClean 2013 sponsors: Commitment Day, Champion USA, Fit Approach, Sparkly Soul, Kay’s Naturals, Healthy Bites, pv.Body, Best Body Fitness, Sprigs, Chobani, Running Happy Bands, Attune Foods, 13 Going on Crazy, and ZOOMA Women’s Race Series.

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Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. 4

    I would love to join your challenge! How do I sign up?

    • 5
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Hi Jennifer! I’m so happy you’d like to join in in the fun! There is no official sign up – you just join in on completing the daily prompts and make sure to tag me in some fashion so I can count your participation in the running for prizes. I do have a Facebook group set up for extra support and motivation – so please feel free to join that!

  2. 6

    The button is not working :(

    • 7
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Ugh silly button! Ill email you the code this morning- for some reason the code gets messed up in the post :(

      Thank you for joining in on Start Clean 2013!!

  3. 8

    So excited to be participating! Added the button to my blog :) Thanks

  4. 9

    Excited to #startclean2013 :)

    I’m having trouble getting the button to function on my blog. I see you emailed it to someone…could you email it to me as well?

    Much apprecieated! :)

  5. 11

    Ok! I’m in.
    Is there a way that you can email me the “agenda” so I can keep it handy? LOL!
    I am going to add the button to my blog and hopefully encourage some of my homies to join us!
    Cheers and Happy New Year!

    • 12
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Great, glad you are joining in! I will make the agenda thing happen (probably tomorrow though) – I’m sure other people will appreciate that as well! If you use google calendars at all you can import the start clean calendar into your personal calendar – just a thought if you are familiar!

  6. 13

    P.S. For some reason I can’t get the HTML button to show up on my blog. Would you also be able to email me the HTML for the button? My email is:
    Thanks! Tara

    • 14
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Will do! The code has been a hassle the whole time and seems to only work when emailed lol. Ill get it out to you today!

  7. 15

    Hope I’m not to late! Would love to join this challenge

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