MRTT Showcase!


Ohhh man was Sunday fun!! Our local Moms Run This Town chapter put together a fall showcase and it was a blast. They invited me as a member as well asking me to see if BAMR Bands wanted to set up a table! Of course!! I had special MRTT headbands in the works and was {Read More…}

Quick Back-to-School Recipes with Bumble Bee® Tuna


Thank you Bumble Bee® for sponsoring this post. Check out custom tuna recipes from Bumble Bee® for this back-to-school season. Tuesday was the first day back to school for the kids in our neighborhood. Back to school week means many things: settling into a new routine, new activities, and deciding whether you want to pack {Read More…}

Avocado Event for Kids!

Big thanks to Around the Plate and the Hass Avocado Board for allowing me to put together a fun avocado event!! My avocado event ended up being held on Labor Day, thanks to the stomach bug we all got… it was a smaller turn out than originally planned, but alas, we still had a lot {Read More…}

Our Melting Pot Family Date!


Yesterday we did something really fun (or, potentially really stupid – it was to be determined), but it all turned out awesome! We took the boys to The Melting Pot!! Many months ago, we donated to St. Jude’s and got a $20 card to the restaurant when you order $50. It’s not too hard to {Read More…}

20 Mouthwatering Breakfast for Dinner Recipes!

Breakfast for dinner: who doesn’t love it? It can be as easy as eggs and toast, or pancakes when you’re crazing a some sweetness. Why limit yourself to the basics, though? I for one, could eat breakfast foods for all meals of the day and am excited that I found so many breakfast recipes that are beyond the basics for this collection.

Learning with My Breadmaker


If you’re gluten-free like me, you know that buying bread at the grocery store costs a pretty penny. My favorite sandwich bread is Rudi’s multigrain and it averages about $5/loaf. So, I have long wanted a breadmaker in order to save money and create other yummy creations as well! Last week my breadmaker wishes came {Read More…}

The Deliciousness of Blissful Eats!


If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen my love for Blissful Eats, but I wanted to post info about my friend Nicole’s company here too! (Disclosure: I did receive these free of charge to review, but I’m so excited to order more!) My friend Nicole, formerly of Making Good Choices Blog – now {Read More…}