Roasted Potatoes with Orange Blossom Honey


It’s time for another Recipe Redux post! I opted out of the theme last month, as it was a tea theme… and after the struggle I had earlier this year with the beverage theme, I knew I would we no good at the tea one either (even if you could be creative and use the {Read More…}

There are so many things I want to write about


There are ebbs and flows to blogging and right now I’m in a small ebb -but for good reasons! I’ve never really been one to blog when the kids are awake anyway, but now even on the weekend (when I would pre-write for a whole week at a time), I’ve been enjoying even more family {Read More…}

LRH: 6 Months Old!


Sigh. Tomorrow Lincoln will be closer to one year old than the day of his birth. So bittersweet. The months are passing by too quickly – especially this past month. Even though his early months were really tough, I would never wish his infancy away. Month six was a big one for little Lincoln! He: {Read More…}

To my sister


There’s a saying that goes “friends are the family that you choose for yourself.” However, I think there are instances in life that friends are family are one in the same. These instances? 1) When you have a sister, and 2) when you find the person you want to commit to for life. Growing up, {Read More…}

ZOOMA Annapolis Race Testimonials – Round Two!!


I’m so excited to have a few more testimonials from participants who participated in the ZOOMA races in Annapolis this past weekend! Make sure you check out the testimonials of the first five awesome people who submitted! Joyce said: Annapolis is a special place for me so I stopped and took photos during the ZOOMA {Read More…}

ZOOMA Annapolis Race Testimonials!


This past weekend was the ZOOMA Annapolis half marathon and 10K! While I was so sad to not be participating in the festivities, I was glad that I was able to get our there this weekend and 1) virtually sweat with them 2) follow the #zoomanation hashtag on Instagram 3) stalk – I mean like {Read More…}

14 Recipes for Outdoor Entertaining!

This is a sponsored post with Another month, another slideshow! For the upcoming month of June, Foodie gave us multiple suggestions for our theme… who doesn’t love choices?! I chose to collect recipes for outdoor entertaining, since we love using the grill and having small dinner parties with our friends. PLUS our new awesome {Read More…}