Color Run Penn State!


This past Saturday we made our way to PA for The Color Run at Penn State! Before we left, I made sure to do my nails… Fun right? The kids did great in the car and we were all happy to have the car ride be over. We stayed with my dad since they live {Read More…}

LRH: 9 Months Old!!


Picture overload time! Lincoln turned 9 months old!! Stomach Bug and Sleep: This month sure has been a doozey. The beginning of his 9th month brought Lincoln’s first stomach bug (and the rest of the family) and his first trip to the ER too. We are so so so glad that that is all over {Read More…}

MRTT Showcase!


Ohhh man was Sunday fun!! Our local Moms Run This Town chapter put together a fall showcase and it was a blast. They invited me as a member as well asking me to see if BAMR Bands wanted to set up a table! Of course!! I had special MRTT headbands in the works and was {Read More…}

Quick Back-to-School Recipes with Bumble Bee® Tuna


Thank you Bumble Bee® for sponsoring this post. Check out custom tuna recipes from Bumble Bee® for this back-to-school season. Tuesday was the first day back to school for the kids in our neighborhood. Back to school week means many things: settling into a new routine, new activities, and deciding whether you want to pack {Read More…}

Avocado Event for Kids!

Big thanks to Around the Plate and the Hass Avocado Board for allowing me to put together a fun avocado event!! My avocado event ended up being held on Labor Day, thanks to the stomach bug we all got… it was a smaller turn out than originally planned, but alas, we still had a lot {Read More…}

Our Melting Pot Family Date!


Yesterday we did something really fun (or, potentially really stupid – it was to be determined), but it all turned out awesome! We took the boys to The Melting Pot!! Many months ago, we donated to St. Jude’s and got a $20 card to the restaurant when you order $50. It’s not too hard to {Read More…}

20 Mouthwatering Breakfast for Dinner Recipes!

Breakfast for dinner: who doesn’t love it? It can be as easy as eggs and toast, or pancakes when you’re crazing a some sweetness. Why limit yourself to the basics, though? I for one, could eat breakfast foods for all meals of the day and am excited that I found so many breakfast recipes that are beyond the basics for this collection.