Lincoln 7 Months Old!!


Our little Lincoln turned 7 months old yesterday!! Picture heavy post coming your way! Lincoln has really turned into Mr. Personality. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of his funny faces. Being with him in person is even more fun! He’s mostly so so happy and lights up the room with his {Read More…}

1100 Meter Swim Workout and The boys best day at childcare!


Oh happy day!! Today was the boys’ best day at my gym childcare! Well, this is specifically more about Xander, but Lincoln had an amazing day too! Reasons why I think this day was the best: Tuesday’s always seem to be less busy. We went early + before the popular group fitness class I did {Read More…}

Taste of Nature Tasting


Thank you Taste of Nature for sponsoring this post. Taste of Nature snack bars are organic, vegan, gluten free and delicious. Real tastes good! To learn more, visit When I saw this opportunity make it’s way into my inbox (before we moved to Virginia), I applied right away. I immediately figured this would be {Read More…}

15 Fresh Summer Fruit Ideas

This is a sponsored post with As these Foodie collection posts are gaining in popularity, we’ve been given the opportunity to pick from different theme suggestions. This month we had the most theme suggestions so far: Fresh Recipes with Summer Fruits and Vegetables, Ice Cream Creations, Pool Party Foods, Summer Drinks, and Happy Picnic {Read More…}

700 Meter Ladder Workout for the Pool!


Guess who is super excited to have access to a lap pool!? THIS GIRL!! I still need to write about our method of finding the right gym for me and the kids, but I can tell you now, that the pool situation at the gym we joined was a huge considering factor! While I have {Read More…}

Roasted Potatoes with Orange Blossom Honey


It’s time for another Recipe Redux post! I opted out of the theme last month, as it was a tea theme… and after the struggle I had earlier this year with the beverage theme, I knew I would we no good at the tea one either (even if you could be creative and use the {Read More…}

There are so many things I want to write about


There are ebbs and flows to blogging and right now I’m in a small ebb -but for good reasons! I’ve never really been one to blog when the kids are awake anyway, but now even on the weekend (when I would pre-write for a whole week at a time), I’ve been enjoying even more family {Read More…}