Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions page!

Below you will find the answers to the questions I receive most frequently through the Healthy Heddleston social media channels (and some of these I get asked in real life too!) I’ve categorized the topics to hopefully make it easier for you to find the answers you are looking for when browsing. Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like me address! (Click the title in purple to take you to that category).

Blogging Questions

…coming soon…

Food Questions


Addresses if I count calories, if I keep a food journal, what intuitive eating is all about and more!

RD-Related Questions

graduation picture.jpg

Addresses the process of how to become an RD and the path I took to become one. More questions will be answered soon.

Personal Questions

…coming soon…

Milk Donation Questions

milk donation1.jpg

Addresses the process to become a milk donor, how much milk I donated, where I sent the milk, the emotional side of donating milk, and more!

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