I finally had my foot surgery!

Well, neuroma be gone! On Friday I finally had my surgery and while the recovery is going to take some time, I’m already pleased that I made the surgery decision. My doctor said the neuroma popped right out at him when he cut my foot open and said it was big. These are the things {Read More…}

Our Melting Pot Family Date!

Yesterday we did something really fun (or, potentially really stupid – it was to be determined), but it all turned out awesome! We took the boys to The Melting Pot!! Many months ago, we donated to St. Jude’s and got a $20 card to the restaurant when you order $50. It’s not too hard to {Read More…}

Four Words Per Picture

Note: I wanted this post to go live last week, but it went unfinished. I told myself I would finish it over the weekend and then our whole family came down with the stomach bug. So let’s just pretend it’s last week, k? Xander started homeschool preschool. I turned twenty nine. Delicious fresh garden dinner. {Read More…}

The 10 days through my phone: traveling to ohio and more

Whew! I feel like we were gone more than a week with all the traveling we did! Last week we made our way to Ohio. John had a few speaking engagements and meetings in Cleveland, so we stayed with his parents and then drove the two hours to Cleveland for his two days of work {Read More…}

There are so many things I want to write about

There are ebbs and flows to blogging and right now I’m in a small ebb -but for good reasons! I’ve never really been one to blog when the kids are awake anyway, but now even on the weekend (when I would pre-write for a whole week at a time), I’ve been enjoying even more family {Read More…}

To my sister

There’s a saying that goes “friends are the family that you choose for yourself.” However, I think there are instances in life that friends are family are one in the same. These instances? 1) When you have a sister, and 2) when you find the person you want to commit to for life. Growing up, {Read More…}

Things I’m Loving Lately 5

It’s time for another installment of TILL! 1. Quesadillas! I go on quesadilla phases and I’m currently in a strong one! Xander loves to share these with me and our go to is hummus with feta. That boy is a hummus fiend, so these “dee-ahs” are a favorite for him as well. 2. Tank tops {Read More…}