3 Tips to Start Intuitive Eating

We are focusing on intuitive eating tomorrow in the #StartClean2013 health challenge, therefore, I’m encouraging participants to start understanding why they eat when they eat. Questions to consider when trying to analyze eating habits: Are you eating because you’re hungry? Are you eating because the clock says a certain time on it? How about your {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: On Weighing

It’s been awhile since my last installment of the intuitive eating series. If you’d like to read more before we begin (or enjoy more on the topic after reading), here is what has been discussed previously: Post 1: Brief introduction to intuitive eating and the reaction I received from FitBloggin2011 Post 2: My personal intuitive {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: Post 5

I’m glad a lot of you have been enjoying my series on intuitive eating! I wouldn’t call myself an expert in intuitive eating, but I’m so happy to be sharing my experiences and thoughts on how intuitive eating can be a part of your life. If you’re new to the intuitive eating series, let’s recap: {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: Post 4

Does it “work” and what does “working” mean to you? At the beginning, when I didn’t realize I was becoming an intuitive eater, “working” actually meant gaining some weight, working out because I wanted to and wanted to be healthy (not because I wanted to burn calories). Now “working” means maintenance of what I learned {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: Post 3

Does self-acceptance play a role in your journey? Absolutely. At the beginning of my journey with intuitive eating and over the years, I’ve had to give myself “pep-talks.” I’ve become my biggest cheerleader and would LOVE for each and every one of you to become your biggest cheerleader too. I think with self-acceptance brings self-confidence, {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: Post 2

How did you become involved in intuitive eating? Intuitive eating actually found me; I didn’t specifically seek it out. Let’s start from the beginning: My junior and senior year of high school were the worst for me in terms of body image and the abuse I gave my body. On the outside I was a {Read More…}

Intuitive Eating Series: Post 1

Reaction from FitBloggin’ Writing about my experiences with intuitive eating has been long over due. I spoke on a panel last May during FitBloggin’ and have been meaning to recap and expand upon my experiences since. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, you will start to see more posts about my {Read More…}