Are you daring!? Protect your eyes and WIN!

Want a chance to win a $400 pre-paid Visa card? Simply participate in the May We Dare You to Share challenge brought to you by United Healthcare’s Source4Women! It’s so simple – so find a picture of yourself wearing sunglasses and read this full post for more details!

NOURISH Week Recap with #MNBchallenge!

Last week of #MNBchallenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach was all about MOVE and this week was all about NOURISH! The challenges were fun and next week we will be focusing all on BELIEVE! Here is how this week shaped up: Day 1: Meatless Monday – I’m reviewing Sunshine Burgers (post to come this {Read More…}

Well, there’s a first time for everything

“Hateful feminist activist.” That is what I was called this morning. When I read it, I literally laughed out loud. If you know me in person (or even many of you just through my online persona), I think you’d be surprised to hear that phrase in context with my name. First off, hateful? Never. And {Read More…}

My Thoughts on the New York City Soda Ban

However, I did take a look at some county data through the SMART BRFSS and if you select the county that includes New York City, the percentage of obesity was 21.9% in 2010. … Additionally, one California study (and I can find numerous more), found that adults who drank one or more sodas a day were 27% more likely to be overweight or obese and have a 27% higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes ( source ).

Breast Milk Donation Q&A

This week has been World Breastfeeding Week and this month is Breast Feeding Awareness month. Today I want to share with you information I received during a Q&A session with Dixie Whetsell, a board member for the Northwest Mothers’ Milk Bank (NWMMB), the newest milk bank to be opening soon in Portland. If you live {Read More…}

Donor Milk: The Documentary and Help the NWMMB!

When researching milk banks, I came across two east coast options for me: one in Massachusetts and one in Raleigh (where I’ll be donating). The thing about becoming a milk donor is there has to be a milk bank available to donate to. I was recently contacted by a Medela representative to help spread the {Read More…}

Farm Fresh: GE Freshpedition 1

You know how sometimes you read sponsored posts and read your friend’s thoughts and only glance at the product information? Today, I’m asking you if you want to glance… glance at what I’m writing… READ what the freshpedition is all about — IT’S SO COOL!! Ben Sargent (a chef) and Justin Berger (a GE refrigerator {Read More…}