Fa La La La Laaa

Merry Christmas… …from our family to yours! Love, Katie, John, and Baby H.  

Happy Father’s Day!!!

While I don’t get to see my dad today, I did watch a favorite video of mine that reminds me of how cool my dad is everyday. Oh, you want to see that video too? Riley | Heddleston Reception: Father/Daughter Dance from Adam Cruse on Vimeo. Enjoy! You can fast forward to about 1:30… and {Read More…}

He is Risen!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Have a blessed day! Love, The Heddlestons

A Day of Family Fun

Yesterday was a pretty low key day after our snowy run, but we did manage to see some family! We finally met this cutie… can’t believe she’s 14 months already! Celebrated John’s birthday… Ran errands while looking ridiculous… And went out to dinner with John’s cousin Adam + girlfriend Kirsty… so fun!! One more day {Read More…}

Heddleston Holiday

Disclaimer : I did not make up this post title — my husband did. If you recall we had a previously had a Heddleston Hillbilly Hootenanny… feel free to poke around here and here for more fun + why John refers to his family as HIllbilly’s sometimes (which they totally are not.)

Christmas in PA


Prior to celebrating Christmas and John’s birthday privately, we drove to my home in PA to celebrate with family.

A Very Merry Birthday

After celebrating Christmas this morning, it was time to get baking John’s birthday cake! Yes, Mr. Healthy is a Christmas baby! People always ask how he dealt with that as a child — usually referring to gifts — but he never minded as he enjoyed sharing his birthday celebration with our savior Jesus. Johnny requested {Read More…}