LRH: ten months old!!

Man life is busy with two littles and running your own business! Here’s a little ten month photo video from flipagram showcasing what Lincoln has been up to this month. By the way, if you’ve never used flipagram, it’s soo neat and you should definitely download the app! A few days late but here it {Read More…}

LRH: 9 Months Old!!

Picture overload time! Lincoln turned 9 months old!! Stomach Bug and Sleep: This month sure has been a doozey. The beginning of his 9th month brought Lincoln’s first stomach bug (and the rest of the family) and his first trip to the ER too. We are so so so glad that that is all over {Read More…}

LRH: 8 Months Old!!

Time is FLYING!! Things seriously pass by so much quicker when it comes to the second child. I think a secret goal of mine is to make sure I get some pictures actually printed out and hung on the walls of Lincoln before he turns one. (True story.) But, now that Xander is a toddler, {Read More…}

Lincoln 7 Months Old!!

Our little Lincoln turned 7 months old yesterday!! Picture heavy post coming your way! Lincoln has really turned into Mr. Personality. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of his funny faces. Being with him in person is even more fun! He’s mostly so so happy and lights up the room with his {Read More…}

LRH: 6 Months Old!

Sigh. Tomorrow Lincoln will be closer to one year old than the day of his birth. So bittersweet. The months are passing by too quickly – especially this past month. Even though his early months were really tough, I would never wish his infancy away. Month six was a big one for little Lincoln! He: {Read More…}

LRH: 5 Months Old!

Our little Lincoln is 5 months old!! We’ve been up to a lot this passed month including his baptism, Easter, a trip to PA, and more! Learn what he likes this month and how he and Xander are getting along!

Day in the Life: Photo an Hour

7:00 am – Good morning playtime on the couch with Lincoln. 8:00 am – Watching the kids get on the school bus. 9:00 am – Up from a nap! 10:00 am – Play ground time with friends. 11:00 am – Someone is worn out from the sun. 12:00 pm – Cuddles before crib. 1:00 pm {Read More…}