Around the World: Alaska

“The recipes my family made the most involved sea food. We had lots of salmon, and would make it a couple of different ways. We’d put just teriyaki sauce on it or put honey mustard over it with french fried onions sprinkled on top. My absolute favorite, and perhaps falls in the ‘if nutrition doesn’t {Read More…}

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Make sure you stop by Prevention RD today and see my guest post! It features my Around the World Series, which I’m always looking for more contributors! Now, I’m just looking for some motivation to get my booty in gear to go run! But before I leave you, check out this article — did your {Read More…}

Around the World: Mexico

Most healthy/nutritious food experienced while in Mexico: Shrimp Tacos What made it so healthy/nutritious? The meal was made with the bare minimum because they wanted the taste of the shrimp to be the main focus of the meal. It was made with wheat tortillas, jumbo shrimp, and I added green salsa to it. Shrimp Tacos {Read More…}

Around the World: Spain

Most healthy/nutritious food you have experienced while in Spain: “Paella: Rice dish with lots of seafood and sometimes other meats like chicken or rabbit!” ~Joe G. “Vegetable Sandwich, Salsa, Fresh Fruit Smooties, OLIVES!, baked falafels, and field green salads with orange dressing.” ~Amanda G. What made it so healthy/nutritious: “The seafood is healthy, as far {Read More…}

Around the World: Albania

“One of our favorite dishes is homemade yogurt (much like Greek yogurt which you can make yourself at home) added with water. It’s very refreshing and there are many health benefits to yogurt. I also like spinach pie with a little bit of feta inside.” ~Valbona B. Valbona says another healthy favorite are “stuffed peppers” {Read More…}

Around the World: Morocco

“For Morocco, the healthiest dish would have to be their national dish that they eat every Friday. It’s called couscous and they eat it with lots of vegetables, then either meat or chicken. First, they steam couscous for about an hour, an hour and a half. Meanwhile, in a pressure cooker, they place carrots, onions, {Read More…}

Around the World: Greece

“There were so many healthy things in Greece, very fresh lifestyle, but I think one of the most healthy things specific to Greece is the yogurt that they eat. It is considered a dessert because they put honey on it but it is not sweetened and it is very tart. I think it comes from {Read More…}