Whew! We made it to Virginia!

What a busy last few days we’ve had! Our weekend was filled with finishing up packing, attending Xander’s best friends birthday party, and squeezing in last minute visits with a few of our friends.

The movers arrived Monday morning and about a half hour after they arrived, I scooted the boys off to music as usual. After our singing and fun, it was time to have a quick picnic and drive to Virginia. Lincoln got the memo to nap in the car, but I think X man was too excited!


Our movers really did a great job. We went with Two Men and a Truck, Potomac, MD location. It’s a new franchise and the owner Devin was awesome. He just moved from TN to open the franchise and he definitely has the southern gentlemen feel about him. Anyway, the three man crew was equally as nice and Devin himself even came and helped the crew during packing. How many owners do that?! Anyway, everything went smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with how they worked. They also kept in line with the lower end of the estimate, helping our budget for sure! While the movers unloaded, Lincoln napped in the Ergo and X and I played!


I think he’s going to like it here! The great thing about our new neighborhood is that it is littered with kids! Plus, our specific street has a ton of boys! It’s spring break here so I can tell not everyone has been out and playing, but I’m excited to find out who are the stay at home moms. Every neighbor we’ve met so far has been super nice and we think we will fit right in. Lots of young couples with kids seems to be the theme!

I have to say that unpacking is way more fun than packing, but it is a longer process with two littles! Yesterday I was able to finish unpacking the kitchen (aside from one box that probably is hiding in the basement somewhere) and even make our first home cooked meal! We had oven fried chicken, potatoes, and salad. I also had corn bread for the boys but the bottoms kind of burned a little. This oven cooks much quicker which will be something to get used to!

A couple things I’ve noticed so far:

1. The closest grocery store closes at 9pm. Duly noted.
2. Our area isn’t flooded with light or noise pollution. We could actually hear the crickets and I really had to pay attention when night time driving to get groceries Monday night.

I guess I should wrap things up, my thoughts are getting disjointed. The kids are doing wonderfully with the move and they slept great both nights. Little Lincoln included:

We are going to attempt story time at the library soon – wish us luck! John had to go back to Maryland today to clean the old townhouse and prepare it for final walk through with our landlord. Wish him luck too! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!

PS. I wrote this from my phone – hope the formatting looks okay!


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    Congrats on the big move. Hope you are able to get unpacked soon.

  2. 2

    Welcome to Virginia! My husband and I just moved here a few months ago. So far, we love it. We are excited for the new season out here; everything is so pretty now!

  3. 3

    The formatting looks great! What a beautiful apartment! And your boys are so cute!

  4. 4

    Two Men and a Truck is the BEST. We’ve used them twice (two different Midwest locations) and another mover one time. Let’s just say that using the other mover almost ended in a call to the police!

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    Erin Troia says:

    Hello! I’ve been following you for a bit AND I noticed you joined MRTT here in Ashburn. I live in the Broadlands (I think based on that park just a bit from you). Can’t wait to see you out for a run!

  6. 9

    Your boys are precious. Congrats on the move, I hope you and your boys make lots of new friends in your neighborhood.

  7. 10

    Congrats on the move!

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