The Ultimate Coffee Date #1

Good morning! How’s your Monday treating you? I actually love Monday’s because it’s music class day! I know Monday’s can be a sluggish day though, so I figured, why not start a morning with a coffee date? Fellow bloggers Jill, Lynda, and Nikki are hosting an ultimate coffee date once a month and I’m joining in! It’s a peek into the bloggers life, with info that may not make it into a post otherwise. So sit back and order your coffee… I’ll be ordering a hot chocolate.


While we’re together this morning I would tell you that I have so many emotions when it comes to our upcoming move. I would tell you how excited I am for John and for our new house, but I would also tell you how sad I am to be leaving all the wonderful friends we’ve made here in Maryland. You would probably remind me that we’re only moving 50 minutes away and I would smile and remind myself we can still see our friends for special things. I would then tell you that it’s most important for me to find friends for the boys – and all the things that comes with having kids: local playgrounds, the library, a new pediatrician, swimming lessons, etc. It’s exciting but there’s lots of things to think about when moving.

While we’re together this morning I would probably complain to you about the number of white hairs I’m finding. I would tell you I’m not super surprised though, as premature white hair runs in my dads side of the family. He doesn’t remember his mom with any other hair color than white, I’ve been told. Anyway, I would tell you that it’s been way to long since my last hair cut and that I some nice highlights would really brighten my look (and hide the white at the same time).

While we’re together this morning I would tell you that I’m not thrilled about my running progress. You would remind me to be kind to myself (re: postpartum, re: UTI/back issue, re: holy crap you’re packing a house) and I would try to listen. We would then look at our calendars together and pick a few dates to run together. This would then remind me to tell you that I already joined the local chapter of Moms Run This Town for our new place in Virginia. The ladies have been super kind and I am looking forward to meeting them soon.

While we’re together his morning I probably think you’re dressed super cute and then ask you if you’ve ever tried Stitich Fix. I would then tell you about my one (and only) flop of a Stitch Fix experience and how I want to try it again. My closet needs some definite sprucing! The idea would then come to me that maybe I should focus on clothes for my birthday this year – who knows… I always end up switching the focus to the boys, but perhaps a treat would be nice.

While we’re together this morning I would excitedly tell you how John and I are almost finished with Breaking Bad! So many emotions when watching that show!

We’d both realize our cups have long been empty and look at our phones to check the time. We’d realize we’d been chatting for over an hour and schedule another coffee date soon (ultimate coffee dates are happening the first Saturday of every month and you can link up any time during the month!) See you again soon!

While we’re having coffee, what would you tell me?


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    That was fun! Hot coco for me too BTW! I know how you feel though about the exercise thing though. We are always so hard on ourselves and see where we were a year ago and want to be there again if not better since it has been a year and it is so… frustrating! No matter how many times we have people tell us how we are awesome or not to worry, we still will. We are women, and things brew and simmer and we just stew with thoughts. Just keep talking about it, even if it is bad then make goals, do the goals and before you know it you will be back to where you were and improving! Because you are awesome!

    I would have asked, “What is Stitich Fix?” Never heard of that!

    • 2

      Yeah for a fellow no coffee gal!

      Stitch Fix is a neat online clothing concept! You have a stylist and get five items sent to you. You keep what you want and send back what you don’t! You pay $20 up front to schedule your fix and that goes toward buying the pieces! Anyway, it’s neat but I’ve only tried once. Each fix I guess gets better because you leave detailed feedback and then then you schedule another fix with your stylist!

      If you want to try it post baby let me know, I have a referral code!

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    I would tell you to check out old navy! I just did a little online shopping spree there and can’t wait for it to ship!

  3. 5

    I’m sad that you’re moving too! I know it’s only 50 minutes but it still is sad. I’m happy that you’re doing what is best for your family and moving forward with life though!

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