Things I’m Loving Lately

Time for another addition of things I’m loving lately! Hope you all had a fabulous weaken;, we had a lot of family time and tried to pack a lot of our house! One(ish) week to go!

Sunny days and walks! I’m so so so glad the weather is finally staying nice! It’s been super fun to load up the boys after nap time for a long walk and play time at the park for Xander.

photo1.jpg photo2.jpg

The Ergo!! I am the predominant Ergo wearer in the family, but I couldn’t pass up posting these pictures of John! (He wore it more when I was dealing with my back pain!) Anyway, we LOVE having a Ergo in our baby wearing arsenal now. It’s super comfortable and the infant insert works perfectly for Lincoln. I’ll be doing a full review post of the Ergo in the near future!

photo8.jpg photo7.jpg

Kiddo music fun! One of Xander’s birthday’s presents was a music class at our church. It includes 8 sessions and he has so much fun! We did it in the fall before Lincoln was born as well! Additionally, the picture on the right is from a recent free kiddo music event at a local place. We love finding free kiddo events and music related is always fun! Although, I think Xander liked the awesome lights and the bubbles the best!

photo5.jpg photo6.jpg

Jamberry Nails! Ah! This is my newest obsession! I recently joined a little nail party and bought a couple nail wraps. It’s so super easy and the wraps come in such FUN colors and patterns! I’m going to host a little online party in May, so if you want me to send you a little invite – just let me know in the comments or email me!

photo3.jpg photo4.jpg

What’s one thing you’re loving lately!?

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    Love the BFF love in the music shot!!!

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    I’ve wanted to check out the Jam Berry nail craze, I’ll take an invite! Thanks :)

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