Products We Love at One Year Old

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Whacky Ball

Xander received his Whacky Ball toy for Christmas, just after he turned 9 months. He’s loved it ever since. He loves lining up the balls on the top and smacking them through the chute with his hands. He recently started using the mallet correctly, so that’s been fun to watch his coordination. I love the B. Toys and we have a few others as well, but this is definitely his most played product from B. Toys. He also loves to just walk around while holding the balls.

John Deere Sit ‘n Scoot Tractor

Xander received two cars for his first birthday and he loves both for different reasons. He doesn’t particularly ride either of them yet, but he’ll let us amuse ourselves with a few pushes back and forth. Anyway, this John Deere Sit ‘n Scoot was a gift from my dad and step mom. Our family has a tree farm, so this gift is very apt for him to receive. The seat opens and folds down, exposing a little farm activity area with animals. They even make noises. He loves to open and shut the seat and carry his animals around the house. [For those curious, his other car is a firetruck and his favorite feature is the button to make the siren noise. True story. Thank you little brother.]

Take & Toss Silverware and Sippy Cups

Xander has been drinking water out of his Take & Toss Sippy Cup for months now. He’s very very good at handling the cup all on his own and he’s getting more skilled at drinking with the lid off too. I forget when we purchased the forks and spoons, but Xander absolutely LOVES feeding himself with a fork. If you recall, he even ate his birthday cake with a fork! Too funny. We don’t actually toss our Take & Toss products, but it is nice to know that the products are super affordable if we leave something behind at a restaurant.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Little man is still nursing and I’m still using the Boppy nursing pillow. I somehow manage to not be clumsy when nursing in public without the pillow, but at home we use the pillow 95% of the time. I seriously don’t know what I would do without this thing!

Books Books and More Books

Over the past month Xander’s love for books has sky rocketed. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s because he loves reading/looking at pictures or if it’s because he knows it will delay sleeping! Ha! Either way, I’m thrilled that his interest in books is so great. He will sit and read 5 books in my lap and want more! His favorite books are anything written by Eric Carle (especially Brown Bear Brown Bear) as well as all his Baby Signing Time Books. He loves when we read and sign at the same time and you can watch his eyes moving from the pictures on the page to our hands and back. It’s so cool to see him absorbing it all. [We also taught ourselves how to sign the entire Brown Bear Brown Book, so we can sign and speak the book in the car when he’s fussy.]

Child Size Table and Chairs

The other place where Xander has started to read books is in his chair sitting at his little table. My dad recently brought down the table and chair set that my siblings and I had as kids and it’s the cutest thing ever. I will have to show you a picture of it (here’s one from instagram). We can tell when he wants to sit at the table because he walks over, pulls out the chair, and puts his foot up a few inches. We get him situated and sit right next to him until he turns his feet around to scoot down. I swear he’s so smart. Anyway, I’m trying to teach him to sit at his little table during snack time too.

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover

We use our shopping and high chair cover so much that we are already on our second one! I think these covers are super convenient, easy to use, and help keep the germs away – you just have to remember to wash it occasionally! These covers make the hard shopping carts and high chairs a little comfier for Xander to sit in too.


Say what you will about using a pacifier past one year, but Xander still uses his during sleep times. He doesn’t actively suck on it while sleeping, instead takes a few sucks to help him fall asleep or when he wakes up in the middle of the night. It then falls out of his mouth and he’s paci free. For us the elimination of his wubby will be a work in progress and we are just happy he’s sleeping better. (I owe you a sleep post!) X has two wubbies – a lamb and a frog. Having the pacifier attached to the animal helps teach the baby that if they can find the animal in their groggy sleep than they find the paci! He received his first wubby just after three months and we haven’t looked back since!

*Bonus Item* Sleeveless Sleep Sacks with a Zipper – I was already done creating my image when I remembered this item! We finally got new sleep sacks that fit Xander and he sleeps so well with them (thanks Mandy!). I know people get afraid that babies will trip while walking around the crib with a sack on, but Xander has always been very good about not fumbling. I think the sleep sacks help him sleep warmly and soundly – and we will continue to use the sacks until it seems unnecessary.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning what products we love at one year! I will do another post like this in a few months. I can’t wait to see what we are loving then!

What did you and your baby love at one year?


  1. 1

    We still use our boppy daily as well. :)

  2. 2

    Loved the boppy for both my daughters!

    I wish we had the Wubbanub back then! The strappy things we used were fine, but I think the Wubbanub would have worked much better. Think I need to buy one for my new niece/nephew due this fall!

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