And then we all got the stomach bug…

Some of you may know, based off off this week’s ever-thrilled Instagram feed, that the stomach bug has hit our family. It started with poor Xander on Wednesday night and is lasting the longest for him as well. John and I joined in on the fun Friday, but ours lasted a much shorter time than poor baby’s. I’m excited for this…

sick heddlestons.jpg

…to be completely over with. I think by Monday we should all be 100%.

Since I don’t have anything formal for you tonight… let’s take a peak into what I have in store for February blogging:

  • BAMR Bands announcement / BAMR Bands page tab. (Some of you may already know what I’m talking about!)
  • Recap of January goals / goal-setting for February
  • Recap of #StartClean2013 week four / winners
  • New flavor recipe of cocoa date nut bites
  • A new recipe using Nuttzo
  • Xander’s birthday story as told by John
  • Our love story as told by John
  • A valentine’s day partner workout
  • Xander’s 11 month update
  • A race recap if I’m well enough to run on Saturday
  • …And more!!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and warm!

Thanks for all your thoughts over the past few days!


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    I hope you’re all feeling much better soon, Katie! I can only imagine how miserable that must have been.

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