MyFitness Pal App Review

Time and time again I’ve heard people rave of MyFitness Pal. It’s an app available for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Balckberrys, and the Windows Phone that helps you track your food and exercise while on the go. There is also the MyFitness Pal website available for those who don’t own a smart phone. As much as I’ve heard of this app and knew the premise behind it, there was one thing missing – I hadn’t actually tried it myself. That is, until recently, and now you get to read all about it.

The MyFitness Pal app, as well as website, is a free tool to help you meet your nutrition and exercise goals. The app provides you with an estimate of how many calories you need a day and let’s you know at the end of the day if you’ve eaten below, on target, or over the recommended amount. You simply log into the app when you eat or drink something, select what it is and how much. The app knows how many calories are in foods based on their database.

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You can add your own recipes into the app, as well as select frequent foods for easy access later. I love that you can add food notes as well – this would be a good area to create a food/mood journal of sorts – getting in touch with how you feel when you eat certain foods, instead of only focusing on the calories. Because as we know, calorie counting is not for everyone, but is a nice tool available if that works for you (especially for those trying to keep New Years goals!)

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In addition to all things food related, there are entries available for adding in your cardiovascular and strength routines. You can search exercises, add frequent exercises, and even create a new exercise entry. Since the best way to know how many calories you are burning off is through your heart rate, please keep in mind that this is an estimate only. It certainly provides a good peek into what your input/output for the day could be though. Plus it’s kind of fun to see the breakdown of how many calories you are burning off just from 3 sets of a certain exercise.

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If I could make one suggestion for this app, I wish it would ask more questions about my daily lifestyle. I’m breastfeeding and that wasn’t a question when they determined how many calories I needed in the day – so obviously I knew I had to eat more than what the app recommended.

I think this is a nice app for people who like calorie counting and/or who don’t have access to a heart rate monitor for more accurate numbers. The app is also a helpful way to learn about your input needs and output expenditure, especially when you are trying to meet goals throughout the year. Like many things in life, the MyFitness Pal app is a tool available and whether it works for you will depend on your lifestyle and preferences.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed learning about MyFitness Pal!

What method of tracking works best for you? Are their fitness apps that you enjoy using?


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    Hello Katie,

    I have used site in the past. They have a fantastic forum. I am glad you reviewed their app.


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      Katie Heddleston says:

      Hi Matthew! Thanks for letting me know about the forum – my main focus was on using the app and I don’t think I saw a way to access the forum from the app. I’ll have to double check, but that’s a nice feature that the website has!

  2. 3

    I love MFP! I particularly like that you can adjust your goals on the website – so, say you’re trying to aim for a certain number of grams of fiber, or under a specific carb goal. They also have like, EVERY food listed, even the house brand of the Central/South Texas-based grocery store H-E-B!

  3. 4

    I used to use MyFitness Pal and it did work. I got lazy and busy and stopped using it, but I’d really like to start using it again!

  4. 5

    I love My Fitness Pal. I had not used it in a while, but my husband and I are both back on it to meet our weight loss goals for 2013.

  5. 6

    I’ve been using MyNetDiary, but I’ve heard such great things about MFP that I might have to try it out and see which is better. The MyNetDiary recipe creator frustrates me at times, so if this one is better that would be nice.

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