30 Minute {or less} Upper Body Circuit Workout

Today I have a fun upper body circuit workout for you! John and I made this up about two weeks ago and we both really enjoyed it. It’s definitely a fatiguing workout – so you’ve been warned! I loved the way my body felt the next day and I’m pretty pumped to do this workout again! Plus, since it’s workout with a buddy day for #StartClean2013, I think I’ll get John to do it with me!

30 minute upper body circuit workout.jpg

And as noted by my Polar FT40, this workout took me 26:12 minutes, I burned off 172 calories, of which 39% were fat calories.

What part of your upper body is your favorite/least favorite to workout? I have to say that I love working out my shoulders and back. My least favorite would be triceps because they’re weaker – I’m trying to improve though!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer. This workout was designed based on my own experience and fitness level. Always consult your health care professional when starting a new fitness routine.


  1. 1

    This looks amazing! I’m doing this today on my lunch break :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. 3

    Hi Katie,

    Looks like a great workout!
    I have suffered from should tendonitis and impingement in my shoulders in the past, so I tend to shy away from any shoulder exercises. I would say shoulders are my least fav body part to workout! Cheers, Tara

  3. 4

    For some reason, I love working on my triceps!

  4. 5

    Great workout! I added 25 jumping jacks between circuits, made for longer than 30 minutes. Thanks!

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