Just Dance Disney Party Review!

Today I’m sharing my review of Just Dance Disney Party. In short it’s an amazing dance fitness game that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, your kids won’t even know they’re exercising because they’re enjoying all their favorite songs from Disney classics and the Disney channel! Just Dance Disney is available for Xbox 360 Kinect  and Wii. If you’re still looking for a special Christmas gift for those kiddos in your life, I think this is a great option!

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I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Don’t feel bad, those are just facts.

I really only remember watching a few classic Disney movies as a kid: Beauty and the Beast (my favorite), The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, Snow White, and ummm that’s all I can remember for now. Don’t feel bad, those are just facts too.

But, want to know what I do remember about Disney as a kid and what I love more than theme parks and movies? THE MUSIC. Man oh man does Disney know how to do music. And what is one of the best things you can do with music? DANCE!

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One of the best things about Just Dance Disney Party, is that the game combines 15 selections from Disney Favorites (classic movies) with 10 selections from the Disney Channel. Under the favorites section you will find selections from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and more! Under the Disney channel section you will find selections from Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Shake It Up, and more! I am actually very familiar with the Disney Channel, thanks to my babysitting days, and find the music on the channel very catchy. And surprisingly, I found myself gravitating to those songs since the beat tended to be quicker and got my heart rate up a bit faster.

Under the “dance” section of the game, you will find the options of “playlists”, “song”, and “non-stop shuffle”. The “playlists” section is a cool feature because you can create custom lists yourself. Therefore, if you have more than one kid they can each make their own playlists and not have to fight! There are also pre-made playlists, which include options such as: Disney Channel songs, Disney Classic songs, Dance Workout, and more! This is a really nice feature to have. The “non-stop shuffle” is what you’d think it is… the option to dance without stopping with the selections being randomly selected for you! And finally, the “song” option is where you just go through and select with song you’d like to dance to each time yourself.

Since the game is geared more toward families and kids, I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire “parents” section. Under this section parents can find a play tracker, health tips, an instruction manual, and more! The instruction manual made me giggle but made so much sense to include. Oftentimes, the kids know how to play the game better than the parents – so I thought this was great to include! And finally, the best feature under the parents tab is the ability to turn dance photos off. I believe this is share function that is available if you are playing signed into your Xbox Live account and have created a special character. I can’t speak to whether the Wii version has something similar.

And lastly about the functionality of the game, many songs are available in many languages! The menu for the game is also available in 11 languages! This was so cool to see since Disney is popular worldwide!

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Now, let’s talk about playing the game for a bit. I found the moves easier, more repetitive, and I was able to gain stars much quicker than other versions of the Just Dance series. This isn’t a fault of the game by any means, just an observation from an adult playing it, ha. I totally need to invite some kids over for this one! Xander certainly loved the music and watching me dance though! Another difference between Just Dance Disney Party and the other Just Dance games it that the people on the game actually look more like people. I hope you understand what I mean! The other Just Dance games have a more animated type looking person to follow. I really liked this featured of the Disney Party and this was the first thing John noticed when he saw me playing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Just Dance Disney Party! If you were thinking of purchasing this for an upcoming holiday, I definitely recommend it! Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be able to provide you with more information!

Did you grow up in a Disney household? What is/was your favorite Disney Classic? Do you have a favorite Disney Channel show? I’m totally excited for the new Girl Meets World show on Disney – Boy Meets World, anyone!?


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    I love Xander watching you dance in the second photo. And I LOVED Boy Meets World when I was younger, so I can’t wait for the spin off :)

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