12 Moves of Christmas Ladder Workout

John and I have been participating in 24 Days of Togetherness that I saw on Tina’s blog. We’ve been doing it more as a private thing, instead of having me announce every activity to social media, but last night’s activity is a great one to share!

Day 5: Create a Christmas workout and do it together.

So, without further adieu, I give you the No Equipment Needed 12 Moves of Christmas Ladder Workout!!

12 moves of christmas ladder workout.jpg

You will perform this ladder workout like you would sing the 12 Days of Christmas song. Thus, you’ll be completing a 20 second plank 12 times and the 12 lunges/side only once. This means there is 12 rounds total and with each round another exercise gets added to the round. The workout took us 33 minutes and that included a full diaper/outfit strip of little X.

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as we did! While we were eating dinner we discussed which moves we’d want to do and loved being able to choose exercises that didn’t require any equipment. Please remember, I’m not a personal trainer; this is just something that has worked for us!

Enjoy! Fa la la la laaaaaa…. la la la LA!


  1. 1

    How creative and fun!!!! ToTally trying this!! Spa <3

  2. 2

    Fun to work out together. Pinned!

  3. 3

    You’re brilliant missy, I love this!!!

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    This is definitely Pin-Worthy. Thanks!

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    Pinned! LOVE!


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