Weekly Wrap: 10/28-11/3

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  1. Showing what my food mill looks like.
  2. Baby Katie on left… baby Xander on right.
  3. Workout complete and back to mommy duties!
  4. Pulling on mommies straw was much more fun than taking a nap!

IMG_1481.JPG IMG_1485.JPG IMG_1486.JPG IMG_1488.jpg

  1. Happy Halloween from my little tiger!
  2. Morning smiles!
  3. Showing some love for my new Saucony Triumph 10’s! Review coming soon.
  4. Tried this Wegman’s GF cornbread mix – delish!

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How was your week?!


  1. 1

    Thanks for the shout out, Katie!

  2. 2

    Thanks for the shout out!! Glad you are OK after Sandy!

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