Caprese Stuffed Chicken

Today for my second freshpedition post I have a delicious new (mostly) farm fresh recipe for you! I hope you enjoyed watching the freshpedition videos from my first GE post – aren’t those two hilarious? And did you enjoy the ending!? Also, keep an eye out for frespedition commercials on the television – I’ve seen a few and it makes me excited!

A couple weeks ago during Xander and my unexpected week long trip to Pennsylvania, we were inundated (yay!) with fresh food all week: fresh peaches from the fruit farm; green beans, basil, potatoes, onions, and more from my dad and Camille’s garden; amazing tomatoes from the Amish market; and let’s not forget about the homemade ice cream from the creamery!

I love going home because I know we’re going to eat fresh and local. In fact, my dad and Camille like to call themselves Locovores. A locovore is someone who eats food grown or produced locally within a certain radius of miles. Oftentimes this means growing some food yourselves, supporting the local markets, and obtaining less of your food from supermarkets.

Having this recent locovore conversation with my dad this month reminded me that I had downloaded a locovore app for my iPhone awhile back! The app is pretty cool too! You can put in your zip code and find where local markets are located, browse which foods are in seasons + when they will become in season, and log in + chat with others on Facebook about where you just found local eats!

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I guess it’s only fair to share with you my fresh and predominately local, except for the chicken, recipe! Mozzarella and little tomatoes are from the Amish market… basil and beans are from my dads garden! This recipe tasted so fresh, that literally no seasoning was needed – the basil was perfect all on it’s own! I really hope you enjoy this recipe because John and I are making it a standard in our recipe rotation, when the ingredients are fresh of course!

Caprese Stuffed Chicken

by Katie Heddleston

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: ~30 minutes

Ingredients (How ever many you make!)

    No ingredient amounts are listed because you can make as many or as few pieces of stuffed chicken as you’d like!

    • Chicken Breast – I used the chicken breasts that were already thinly sliced, but you could buy the regular kind and pound them or slide them in half and then pound them.
    • Fresh mozzarella cheese
    • Fresh basil
    • Fresh little tomatoes – grape or cherry
    • Parmesan sprinkle cheese
    • Spaghetti sauce


    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

    Wash all your chicken, pound the breasts thin if you didn’t buy thinly cut chicken, and place chicken in a medium sized bowl.

    Top chicken with Parmesan sprinkle cheese. Make sure both sides of the chicken are coated well.

    Cut slices of fresh mozzarella. Pick and wash your fresh basil leaves. Now you are ready for a little assembling.

    In a medium baking dish (or however big in order for you to fit the number pieces of chicken you are making), place the chicken in a folded position.

    Lift the top part of your chicken fold and place a nice slice of mozzarella as well as 1-2 basil leaves.

    Repeat process until all chicken is stuffed.

    Wash and slice your small tomatoes. Top all over the chicken. Be liberal.

    Top chicken and tomatoes with a few spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce. Keep this light.

    Baking for approximately 30 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked.

    We paired these meal with fresh green beans from my dads garden – delicious!


    Caprese Stuffed Chicken.jpg

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    1. 1

      Looks so delicious! In my meal plan soon!

    2. 3

      oh yum!! i love caprese salads, and this chicken variation looks amazing!!! i will definitely have to try this! thanks for sharing! SPA LOVE

      • 4
        Healthy Heddleston says:

        Caprese salads are a favvvvvv of mine! In the chicken with the basil from my dads garden — amazing! Thanks for the SPA love!!

    3. 5

      Definitely making these, might try it on our grill!

      I always love to hit up the West Side Market for fresh ingredients, but I’m sad to say I haven’t been in far too long. Gotta make the time to do that soon!

      • 6
        Healthy Heddleston says:

        Grill would be good! I think I would put them in a foil pouch so the mozz doesn’t make a huge mess!

    4. 7

      Looks yummy!

    5. 8

      Caprese anything is high on my list of must-eats. Love me some mozza and tomato!

    6. 9

      great recipe…. does ice cream count as a summer food?

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