My Postpartum Journey: Month 5

Last week Xander turned 5 months old, so this week it’s time to talk all about month five of my postpartum journey. I finally took some formal-ish pictures of my postpartum body, even though there is far more to the journey than the way my body looks and weight. But while we’re on the subject, we’ll talk about that topic first. The pictures are speckled throughout the post even though I’ll be talking about different subjects throughout.

5monthpostpartumbody3.jpg 5monthpostpartumbody7.jpg

My Postpartum Body: I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record when I tell you I’m at my pre pregnancy weight and fluctuate 2-4 pounds below it depending on the day. The difference now though? My stomach is firming up and I feel like my workouts are starting to show. You will even see me wearing shorts (gasp!!) in these pictures, which I never do, unless they are running shorts.

I think the process of my body going through pregnancy and then experiencing body changes postpartum have given me a new sense of body confidence. I loved being pregnant and loved my pregnant body as well. Now postpartum, I’m appreciating all the changes my body went through during pregnancy and continues to go through now. Body acceptance comes easier and body changes + workout accomplishments make me prouder than ever.

I still need to focus on strength training better, but my endurance is so much better! I haven’t written a proper training update lately, but I’m up to running five miles! I also haven’t updated my race page, but I’ll running a 10k in 2.5 weeks as a preparation race for my ten miler! I’m so excited and many of my new mommy friends are running it too!

5monthpostpartumbody2.jpg 5monthpostpartumbody9.jpg

Mommy Friends: I used to go to mommy group on Monday’s as a way to get out of the house and socialize with other adults. I still go to mommy group, but now I feel like I have actual friends! I know it may sounds silly, but I was definitely worried about finding new friends when moving here while pregnant. My pregnant neighbor (who’s baby is 5-6 weeks younger than X) was an instant-friend, but now I have even more mom friends!

It’s so nice to be able to have moms to text throughout the day and to meet up for walks and lunches. I feel so blessed to have made some good new friends and am excited to see where our friendship leads and how our baby’s friendships grow!

Life, Just Life: Xander and I have this stay-at-home-mommy-baby relationship down pat. Xander has a pattern of what he’s going to do next, even though there aren’t exact times. We can hang out with friends and run errands up until about 1 pm and then we need to be home and in place for his long nap. He does amazingly with his short naps while we are out and about and he will nurse in the car like a champ. Our days don’t usually start until 9 or 10 am, but that’s fine by both of us. I feel like each day I learn more and more about our relationship of mommy and baby and absolutely love that we are able to spend all day together.

5monthpostpartumbody.jpg 5monthpostpartumbody5.jpg

Milk Donation: And last but not least, my coolers arrived for milk donation yesterday. I had my blood work done last week and got the all clear to donate the milk. Tonight when John gets home we will be filling them. Fed Ex will then be arriving for a pick for overnight delivery. It’s oddly (??) a pretty emotional experience that I will be dedicating a whole post to. I’m definitely excited and proud that I will be helping the little premies, but there are so many more emotions to it as well. Stay tuned for more on this subject.

Please let me know if there are more topics you’d like me to talk about in my postpartum journey. I’m unsure as to how long I should keep these up dates going… 9 months since I carried Xander for 9 months? A full year? I’d love your thoughts! Thanks!


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    HOLD UP…Notre Dame? I grew up in SB and went to Saint Mary’s. Go IRISH! And you look awesome! Love that you are donating. I migh have to do that, too. My freezer is overstocked.

    • 2
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Aww thank you! If you have any questions about milk donation, just let me know!

      My sister went to saint Mary’s too! What year did you graduate? She was 2006. I have two cousins and an uncle who went to ND so it’s always been a fav school! Neither school had/has my major though – but it was always fun to visit!

  2. 5

    I love reading about your journey! You look great!!! And most of all, you can see how happy you are. You are a natural mom, it’s so very clear, and also just a happy, fit, loving person. I love these posts! Love the 9 months for 9 months idea or even a year!

    • 6
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Yeah I think I might be leaning toward 9 months verse a year. We shall see! Thanks for always being so supportive Jo!

  3. 7

    You look great and Xander is just getting cuter each day (how is that possible??).

  4. 9

    Shocking, but I totally agree with my sis here — you look FAB and you sound so so so happy and settled in your new role as mama. I LOVE hearing about this journey of yours, so fun!!

    • 10
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Thank you Jess! Now I just need to get you and Jolene having babies and have us all move to the same state and we can have our own mommy group πŸ˜›

  5. 11

    sounds like youre doing everything right!! good for you, and you look great!! it must be so nice to have the mommy group of friends for fellowship and a little dose of adult convo throughout the days!! he sure is a cutie!! spalove!

  6. 13


    You look fantastic! Xavier is such a cutie. You sound like you are getting into a great routine with your life! How exciting that you are already signed up for a race!


  7. 16

    Xander is adorable! And way to go on donating breast milk, that will help a little baby so much!

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