Today I turn 27. My twenties have been amazing years of my life.

At 20 and 21 I was in undergrad and living at college with my very best friends.

At 22 I graduated undergrad, started my master’s degree and was proposed to four days before turn 23.

At 23 I finished graduate school, lived in Kaua`i for my block rotation and planned our wedding.

At 24 I got married and passed the RD exam.

At 25 I ran 4 half marathons and got pregnant!

At 26 we moved to Maryland and had baby Xander!

What will 27 bring?

IMG_7887.jpg IMG_7888.jpg IMG_7890.jpg IMG_7892.jpg

Four hours of movie watching for starters… 😉

Thank you John and Xander for making this past weekend so much fun! You two are awesome!




  1. 1

    Your family is too cute.

    Happy birthday, Katie!!

  2. 3

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Katie!!

  3. 5

    YAYYYY!!! Happiest of days my dear, this is going to be a beautiful year for you, I can just tell!!

  4. 7

    Happy belated birthday! Wishing you all the best!

  5. 10

    Happy Birthday, friend! I hope year 27 is just as exciting as the previous years!

  6. 12

    Happy Birthday!

  7. 14

    Happy (be-lated) Birthday!

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