AJH: 5 Months Old!

I can’t believe that in just one little month Xander will be half a year old! He is growing up way too quickly! Before I get ahead of myself, it’s time to talk all about this past month.


Xander spent a good chunk of his 5th month traveling! He was able to visit Ohio and then Pennsylvania due to John’s trip getting approved last minute (and then X and I went to stay at home).

precious smiles.jpg

He did absolutely amazing during the trips! The car ride to Ohio was the only ride that had some rough patches. He just wanted out of that seat so badly! By the time we spent 9 days in PA he was an ol’ pro and giving mommy 5-6 our stretches. I was so proud of him!

big eyes with mommy.jpg

I LOVED all of our quality time together, but we certainly missed daddy!

This month Xander has been developing on all his skills from his 4th month update. We are still going strong with sign language and he is desperately trying to crawl. He does this little superman move that is just adorable. We help encourage his want to crawl by providing our hand for him to push his feet off of. Soon we will have a mover all on his own!

smiling at mommy.jpg

Xander’s personality is shining! He talks to us all the time and is even getting vocal in front of other people now. We of course think it’s all adorable. He’s been doing really well in church too — his noises have so far been happy noises, so I don’t take him to the back of the church or into the gathering space. (Most churches these days don’t have cry rooms anymore – I like that).

baby bubbles.jpg

Grabbing his feet and blowing bubbles and raspberries are some of Xander’s newest favorite things to do. His practicing of blowing raspberries is especially interesting when he’s trying to nurse — silly minks! And OMG, guess what?!!?

XANDER IS OFF THE NIPPLE SHIELD!!!!!!! We’ve been going strong without the nipple shield for about 2-2.5 weeks! I feel like the lactation consultants are kind of surprised that we made it that long with the shield without my supply being affected. When I tell them I’m actually going to donate milk, I get some surprisingly fun looks! I’m so so proud of X! Since being off the shield, he is so much more efficient at eating. His nursing sessions are shorter and his frequency of nursing throughout the day has decreased. He also, for the most part, has been sleeping better. Just last night he only woke up once to eat. I’m liking the trend!

on the farm.jpg up in the air.jpg

This month we also have tried giving him baby oatmeal cereal to gauge his interest in eating. He’s had a few licks about 4 times and just isn’t a fan. I know some babies never really like cereal, so we are excited to try some actual foods. Even since trying the cereal his interest in food has substantially increased. He watches everything we put in our mouth and even grabbed my plate once while in PA. Soon enough we’ll be having a little eater on our hands!

trying food.jpg no way mommy.jpg

Xander is the absolute love of our lives and we love watching his personality continue to develop every single day. I feel so blessed to be able to see his developments each day and then coax Xander into doing his new “tricks” when daddy gets home from work.

We love you little minker! Happy 5 months old!!!!


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Janae who had her baby tonight!!! Your little Brooke and Xander are exactly 5 months a part in age — let’s arrange a baby marriage, k? 😉 I’m so happy for you and Billy, Janae!!

PS. I just noticed that this was my 700th post! Whew!


  1. 1

    He is so adorable! My baby O is just about 6 months old and he is growing in leaps and bounds. The time goes by so quickly!

  2. 2

    Such a cutie- I live these posts :)

  3. 3

    OMG, that picture of you and X (3rd one down) is my absolute FAV!! So cute!

  4. 4

    Happy 5 months little mister! Best part of my day is coming home to see that smiling face (and your mother too :P).

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