Weekly Wrap: 8/5-8/11

John, Xander and I are reunited! I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog for safety reasons, but John was off at a conference all week. Xander and I headed up to PA to be with family and we all survived just fine! I’ll have a photo post with some of Xander’s moments from the past week. I’ve felt out of the social media loop this week because I didn’t want to let it slip that neither of us were home.

Lots of instagram picture this week so my life through instagram section is scattered throughout the post today!

IMG_0949.JPG IMG_0951.JPG

HH posts of the week:

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Other people’s posts of the week:


Nom noms of the week:

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What you can look forward to this week:

My stepmom’s pesto recipe, a just sweat dream team update, a sweat pink blog swap, my second freshpedition post, and a photo post from our adventures in PA! Whew! Now let’s see if I can get all that done!

IMG_1006.JPG IMG_1008.JPG

How was your week? Any stand out posts I should read?!


  1. 1

    thanks for the shout-out!

  2. 2

    thanks for sharing so many great posts from others! lots of good info and treasures there! i must say that xander is so adorable! love those pics of him!! ill be looking forward to more! SPA LOVE

  3. 3

    pesto recipe? can’t wait to see it!

  4. 4

    Thank you for linking me!! I really appreciate it :-) I love the pictures. Your little man is adorable!

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