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You know how sometimes you read sponsored posts and read your friend’s thoughts and only glance at the product information? Today, I’m asking you if you want to glance… glance at what I’m writing… READ what the freshpedition is all about — IT’S SO COOL!!

Ben Sargent (a chef) and Justin Berger (a GE refrigerator engineer) journey across America buying farm fresh goods and storing them in the GE French Door Refrigerator on the back of the pick up truck while using a generator. The goal? Create a farm fresh gourmet meal for Ron Thompson, a wildlife biologist, working in a remote area. Think they can do it?

I’ve watched all the webisodes and Ben and Justin really sucked me in. I couldn’t wait to see the end result! And nope, I’m not tell you what happens! You’ll just have to get sucked in yourself! Ben and Justin have a comical dynamic that makes you wonder if they’ll survive the road trip, let alone the food surviving in the fridge! Aspects of each of their personalities reminded me of how John and I would fair during a road trip across America. I would have Ben’s personality wanting to stop at every attraction, yet I would have Justin’s hesitation when dealing with the raw fish!

Regardless of whether John and I are road tripping or not, we love finding farm fresh foods, especially in the awesome summer and fall producing months! Having just moved (okay, it’s been 7 months. I need to stop saying just) to Maryland, we have been on the hunt for new local places to buy fresh goodies. Over the years together we’ve had many fun adventures enjoying all thing freshhhh.

Fresh rambutan and backyard bananas while living in Hawaii…

Rambutan.JPG hawaii bananas.JPG

Apple picking in the fall when we lived in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio…

apple picking.JPG apple tractor.JPG

Tasting fresh grapes and wine at a Niagara on the Lake wine tour during our first anniversary trip…

purple grapes.jpg vineyard.jpg

Snagging goodies from my dad’s backyard garden along with peaches from the fruit farm across from where they live…

fresh produce.JPG fresh produce 2.JPG

Learning what donut peaches are during our first Maryland trip last summer…

donut peaches.JPG

And finally, creating amazing meals from the fresh goodies! I could have posted many more pictures than these two!

stewing apples.JPG tomato dinner.JPG

Buying farm fresh foods not only tastes good, but you’re usually supporting you’re local neighbors as well! Having grown up in central PA, we were always close to the local Amish. Saturdays included mornings spent driving through the winding roads looking for our favorite farms. My mom would always bring along a huge styrofoam container to keep our produce cold, but having a GE fresh keeper refrigerator would have been amazing! Plus, when you get thirsty the fresh keeper will give you exactly 1.25 cups (or whatever you select) of water! How cool is that??

The new GE French Door Refrigerator is 29 cubic feet, has hands-free filtered water, includes TwinChill evaporators, a space-saving ice maker, and an electronic temperature controlled drawers, to name a few features. You can take a full tour to see all of what the new fridge has to offer!

I know I’m not the only one who covets amazing refrigerator features — what’s on your must have fridge feature list?

How do you enjoy farm fresh foods?

Would you ever take a cross country journey? Who would you go with?


But wait, there’s even more to win!

You can also enter each day of the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 VISA® Prepaid Card. Entering for this prize is fun as you’re asked to pin your favorite fresh foods or your own recipes. Also, these pins when hashtagged with your state (e.g. #GEfreshTX) become part of a “Best of Fresh” map featuring freshness from around the country. Explore the map here:

For official rules and to enter visit here:

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by GE via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of GE.


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    Woah, those donut peaches are so weird!

  2. 3

    I have such fridge envy after watching the videos!

  3. 5

    I just watched all the webisodes to kill some time at work 😉 and they were pretty entertaining. Now I’m really hungry for some fresh, crisp lettuce, cheese, peaches, etc.! Good thing it’s just about lunchtime :)

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Haha awesome! I really thought the webisodes were entertaining – which is great to see in a company! Hope you had some awesome lunch!

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