Weekly Wrap 6/24-6/30

Edit: I totally had the wrong dates in the title before! It’s all fixed now!

Not too much happened here on HH this week. We had a busy weekend last week, I posted about my workouts from June 18-24, and Xander stopped by to say hi. Really, my ability to blog comes down to how busy our weekends are and what kind of mood Xander is in. It also comes down to what I need to do during nap times and what priority at the time (options: sleeping, eating, blogging, chores, etc). Moving on…

Other People’s Posts:

…wow, most of these were all fitness related! Can you tell where my mind has been lately?

Life Through Instagram

IMG_0706.JPG IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0712.JPG

Special Shout Out

Tina is having round two of her BEST BODY BOOTCAMP! I can’t wait to join in this time! (Last time I was in my third trimester!)

How was your week? Did I miss any stand out posts?


  1. 1

    Aww thanks for the mention! Haha, I just can’t get past that #JDdreamteam picture right now because I’m laughing too hard, lol. Goodness!!! I’ll read the rest of this momentarily…. 😉

  2. 2

    Awwwwwww………thanks, Katie!! You’re so sweet.

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