Dear mommy’s friends:

We had a really busy weekend so mommy didn’t have her usual daddy-watches-me-while-she tippity types time.

I was a stinker Sunday and Monday night, so when I napped on Monday and Tuesday, mommy napped too. I’ve been doing really well napping in my crib and Tuesday and Wednesday night I was much better over night. I can’t help it if I like smiling at mommy and daddy at two in the morning!


Mommy is nursing me right now, so maybe she will have some time to write tonight, but I heard her talking about lifting weights… So who knows?

Either way I know I’ll be seeing her throughout the night!! Muhahah! I know she can’t resist my face :)


Time for me to go to bed… Well I might make it a nap (depends on my mood). All I know is mom is about to put me in this wooden thing that looks like prison. Don’t worry, I’m not scared anymore.

Smile at you later,
X man!


  1. 1

    Look at that hair!!!!!

  2. 2

    Such a cute post! He’s so adorable!!!


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