Our Weekend

This past weekend was one of the most busy we’ve been in a long time. Considering how many events we had lined up, Xander did so well.


John had a work dinner party at his boss’s house for one of the post docs who was moving on. It was a delicious BBQ that was moved in door due to the rain (that we desperately needed). Xander, keeping with his new napping and sleeping routine decided to nurse for 50 minutes during dinner. We got cozy in their recliner and were just fine! Then, when the BBQ was moved in door we had company to entertain us.


We made our way to Pennsylvania for the life celebration of my cousin and Godfather, Greg, who passed away on March 3rd. Family and friends gathered at the family tree farm, where his ashes are now buried. Greg loved the farm and it was his wish to be placed there. As much as times like these are difficult, they really are a celebration of life that tend to turn into a family reunion of sorts. Xander was able to meet some of my dads family for the very first time.

He even got to “drive” his first John Deere.


Can’t handle his cuteness. Anyway, we made the trip to PA a day trip and drove back to Maryland that early evening. Xander and I slept most of the way back. Thank goodness for daddy who likes to drive.


Another early morning! We had to make a (good) unexpected trip to Fredrick. Only twenty minutes away, but still long enough of a drive that Xander could get cranky during. He was a champ and our trip to Fredrick was so worth it. Because X was so good we were able to stop at Wegman’s for groceries as well. We love grocery shopping there and it’s totally worth the trip when we are able to do so.

Once we got home we all ate and napped. It was a glorious 40 minute nap, I might add. Anyway, we had plans to meet one of our couple friends in Old Town Alexandria for lunch. Xander was decent in the restaurant, great on the walk, and then had a slight meltdown during the drive home. After a quick nursing session at a “scenic overlook,” he was fine the rest of the way home.

IMG_7430.jpg IMG_7426.JPG IMG_7433.jpg IMG_7431.jpg

It was bath, food, and bed for little mister and John and I were able to have a little down time before heading to bed early ourselves.

We are certainly looking forward to having ZERO plans this coming weekend and just having some time to relax and be with just us. Busy weekends are great once in awhile but relaxing weekends are great too!

How was your weekend? Would you rather be busy ALL weekend long or have zero plans and play things by ear?


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    Sounds like a good weekend! WITH nap, nice. And an unplanned weekend coming?! SO rare to have those, isn’t it?? enjoy!!

  2. 2

    Oh man, I didn’t realize you were so close to Frederick – I graduated from Hood college! It would have been nice if I still lived down there, we could get together and our kiddos could be friends! We lived in Brunswick until last June when we moved back home to northeast Pennsylvania.

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