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If you’ve followed along with Xander’s weekly updates (yes, I know I need to update the page), you know that Xander is not the best sleeper in the world. As of last night John and I are implementing a new sleep routine for little mister — both overnight and during the day. Part of the new sleep structure during the day is only napping in the crib.

Imagine this picture with him swaddled. I took a picture but it’s taking forever it to enter my photo stream on my computer.

He’s been sleeping for 25 minutes so far…

Anyway, I’m sure getting used to this new structure is going to take some time for both Xander and me, however I know it’s going to benefit us both in the long run. Hopefully he will be less fitful when he sleeps (translating to overnight as well) and I’ll be able to workout, blog, and take care of the house during his naps.

John and I are going to be pretty regimented in Xander’s new routine for 7-10 days and hopefully he’ll accept these new habits. Maybe it’ll take even less time for the habits to stick!

After the new structure becomes the structure, I’ll write another post about what changes we made and the process of Xander adjusting.

Wish us luck! (And umm, wish me luck especially during the day!)


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    Putting Jake down for naps (and nighttime sleep) in his crib was one of the best decisions I’ve made. You’re right, you’ll get more done and be able to feel more like yourself. You don’t have to be quiet or constantly wonder if he’s OK. Even if he wakes up, he will still be fine. If he’s anything like Jake, he’ll just lay there, looking at the ceiling or if you have anything hanging on his crib. I got this from amazon and he seems to really like it:

    It has a black and white side and a color side. There are little soft things hanging off it that Jake likes to bat around. Hopefully, X will do well with the new sleeping arrangement and you’ll be able to feel more accomplished!

    One big turning point for us was when Jake was able to roll over. He doesn’t sleep well on his back, but is out cold when he can sleep on his belly with his butt in the air. Good luck!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Right now he just has a mobile, but we’ve been wondering if he needs anything else. Right now we’re not sure — but time will tell! He’ll be rolling over soon too — I’m curious to see which way he wants to sleep, because he already ends up on his side a lot!

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    I implemented this right from when Colin was born and I am still SO GLAD that I did. He is still today the BEST sleeper and I never had any problems with him fussing at night. And I swear it’s because I always made him sleep in his crib/toddler bed/adult bed.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      How I wish he would have taken to his crib when he was born! He wouldn’t even sleep in that little bassinet thing at the hospital. He slept on our chest for the first 5.5 weeks of his life and then in his swing until 7.5 weeks. He’s been in his crib overnight ever since then! Now it’s time to get these naps in order! He was still doing naps on my chest during the day — especially since mommy needed to sleep too! Here’s to a new routine!

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    Oh, and if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to not tiptoe around while he’s sleeping. Run the vacuum, talk on the phone, wash dishes, etc. He’ll get used to the noise and sleep right through it! :)

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Thanks Heather! For naps we definitely just go about ouro normal day.. for bedtime we keep things a little quieter so he has an association to how the two sleeps are different. He doesn’t seem to wake too easily though — especially with his white noise and fan going. Honestly, his poop farts wake him up the most often 😛

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    are you going to do any form of sleep training with the transition? I haven’t decided still how we will handle this but will be really interested in reading about your experiences!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Thanks Sarah! And I know I replied to you in an email, but I wanted to make sure I had a response here too!

      I’m hoping what we are starting is going to be sleep training. Just last night after having lots of good naps with our new routine, he gave us a four hour stretch! We think he’s going to be ready to stop his first wake up soon too — but he barely nursed then and might have been just fine having his pacifier put back in. Time will tell.

      We are following the eat, play, sleep pattern for the most part. Sometimes he does need nursed before falling back asleep (especially overnight), but right now our main concern is actually getting him enough sleep during the day so he’s not over tired when we try to put him to bed. We totally think he’s biggest issue is getting overtired, so during the day I now offer him a nap if he’s been awake for two hours. Literally, he took the nap EVERY time yesterday if not sooner.

      I can’t wait to write about what day one of this process looked like first what we hope to see in day 10!

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    As we all know, I know NOTHING about parenting. But I do have a friend that has a very structured sleep routine for their two year old. It’s been the same structure since he’s been born and it’s been tremendously helpful in making sure their little boy sleeps without troubles for long periods of time. Next time I see them, I can ask them about their routine if you’re interested. Wishing you all lots more sleep in the very near future!!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      The first day went great! Now he’s having his first nap of the day for dayyyyy twoooO!

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    we still haven’t started doing Wes’s naptime in his room during the day, but honestly part of that is because his room is the hottest part of the house in the daytime and there’s NO way to cool it down enough for anyone to sleep in there!

    i will say though that we have a pretty structured schedule for his eating and naptimes and he seems to really embrace it. i think it makes him feel secure, just knowing what comes next! good luck – i hope it works!

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