John’s First Father’s Day

I always knew John would be a good daddy. He loves kids and has all those good qualities that you want in a guy. We also realized about three days into dating that our number one boy name was Alexander. Match made in heaven? I think yes.

Sunday we all slept in (Xander included!) Baby and I were really excited for daddy to open his Father’s Day gifts that we went right down to the kitchen table to do just that!

IMG_7316.jpg IMG_7324.JPG

Uhh, how cute is a small baby sitting in a big chair?

John and I are all about bag recycling even when that means he gets a pink bag for Father’s Day. What a guy.

Xander and I made daddy a card, bought him a fun nerdy shirt, and had a meaningful photo made. He loved everything!

IMG_7326.jpg IMG_7327.jpg IMG_7338.jpg

Daddy and Xander spent a lot of quality time together and we also drove to Fredrick for a fun grocery shop at Wegman’s. It’s totally worth the twenty minute drive for Wegman’s prices and quality of food. Anyway, our day was pretty low key. Xander didn’t have the best Saturday, so we wanted to make sure he was a happy clam on Sunday!

IMG_7336.jpg IMG_7341.jpg

Xander and I love you soo much babe! You are such a great father, role model, and person! I’m so excited to see Xander develop and learn from you — I’m sure we’ll be calling him a “mini-John” before we know it.

We hope you loved your first Father’s Day!!

xo, your little family :)


  1. 1

    what a wonderful day!

  2. 2

    I had a fantastic Father’s Day honey! Xander’s only 3 months old but he’s already creative in his gift buying πŸ˜‰ I love you both!

  3. 4

    awww! so cute!! I love this. Meeting the man that will be a good father is the best feeling. That’s how I felt when I met M too…one day πŸ˜‰

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