Five Things Friday {Lately Edition}

I haven’t written a Five Things Friday post in a long while. I thought it was about time to bring it back!

1. Xander got baptized last weekend and family was in town. His baptism was probably the most chaotic baptism I’ve ever seen. John had to keep reminding me that Xander receiving the sacrament of baptism was the most important thing and of course he’s right. (My mom made X’s little outfit!)


2. I do most of my blogging for the whole week over the weekend. Hence why my site is a little lackluster this week (see #1). Thanks for understanding!

3. John and I most likely won’t be doing our Rebel Race in July. There are multiple reasons why and we are still deciding. I would love to hear from anyone who has done a Rebel Race specifically (not another “brand” of mud run) and know their thoughts. Please reach out to me if you fit this criteria!

4. I recently became a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’ll be doing a whole post about it once my bio goes live on the page (what… you don’t think i wanna show it off, do you? :P)

5. Xander is 3 months old today! Our little boy is growing up too quickly!


Tell me one of your “things” this Friday!


  1. 1

    awww he is so adorable!

  2. 2

    Oh my goodness, Katie. I love that little guy’s face! It’s like he’s saying, “Really Mom? Another picture?” Adorable!

  3. 4

    Happy 3 month old bday Little X Man!

  4. 5

    You look beautiful in that dress!! Happy 3 months! Time is flying!

  5. 6
    Lauren T says:

    Xander looks like he’s posing just for you to take his picture :)
    One of my Friday things is that I get to leave work early today to go home and visit my family :)

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