AJH: Week 12 {with video}

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my postpartum progress! I can’t believe 12 weeks has passed since giving birth. I wanted to get Xander’s update up last night too… but guess who was able to fit a run in!? ME! It wasn’t the best but it was nice to get a little sweat sesh in.

Before we continue, can we please admire Xander’s eyelashes in the picture below? One day it was just like BAM! Eyelashes!


I don’t think there have been too many changes since week 11, but Xander has become more and more expressive and vocal each day! I love having talking sessions with him. It’s just the best.


His cute little hands are grabbing his blankie and the links a lot better than before and he’s getting so much better at entertaining himself for a little while. Mommy is actually able to make breakfast AND eat it before he gets mad.


I’ve had to pack away all (except two) of Xander’s newborn onesies and it’s just so sad! Okay, let’s be honest, they aren’t actually packed away. They are merely sitting in the closet, so I can still look at them. See that orange shirt above? That’s actually a newborn size from Target — it just started to fit him! So basically, his newborn pants and shirts fit but not onesies. Those blue pants are a 3 month size and since little man has no tushie they are a little saggy but so cute!


Okay, I can’t handle how cute his hat is. I need to get some more. (Excuse my silliness in the above photo). Anyway, I feel like I’m all over the place in this post, but I can’t really pinpoint everything that has changed over this week. The monthly updates that are to come will be a lot more informative since there are so many more days in the month to cover (duh).

Can you tell I’m tired? I apologize for this awful writing.

Ohh, that reminds me — Xander had a very unexpected 6 hour stretch of sleep this past week. Luckily, John and I were sleeping for four of those hours! Hopefully a trend is starting to form.


At our Monday mommy group I had the opportunity to weigh little mister. With his diaper and onesie on, he was 11 pounds 15 ounces. Xander is turning into a little boy!


Xander also is becoming very responsive to music. He looks around trying to figure out where it’s coming from when he hears it. This is such a cool thing to see.

Time for me to stop typing and leave you with a cute video!

Next update will be at 4 months (WHAT?!)


  1. 1

    He is so gorgeous!! Love those blue eyes and eyelashes!!

  2. 3

    That little nugget is so cute!!!!!! I just want to squeeze him.

  3. 4

    So adorable! I love the eyelashes too :-) And go you on the run!!

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