Breastfeeding Essentials from Lansinoh

A few weeks before Xander was born, Lansinoh USA and I coordinated plans for a product review. They hooked me up with some breastfeeding essentials, and now that I’ve used them all, it’s time to tell you all about them!

HPA Lanolin

40g HPA Lanolin US Tube 3D HR FINAL.jpg

The lanolin was the first product I used. When your nipples aren’t used to breastfeeding the lanolin helps to soothe and protect them. Even though breastfeeding doesn’t technically “hurt,” there are definitely times when your nipples are a little more tender. I used the lanolin religious for the first 1-2 weeks. And now since Xander nurses more often without the nipple shield, I’ve used it off and on, on days that he’s really gone to town!

Lansinoh’s lanolin is thicker than a competing brand that I had a few samples off. I found that the thickness provided a better soothing effect and would definitely recommend this product.

Soothies Gel Pads


These gel pads were also very nice during the first 1-2 weeks of breastfeeding. I had already started to use the pump and sometimes my nipples were left feeling raw. The soothies gel pads provided an awesome cooling sensation that helps the nipples have a feeling of relief. What I liked to do what put the gel pads in the refrigerator to make that cooling sensation even greater and then place it on — felt so good!

When I had mastitis around 6 weeks postpartum I also used the soothies once again. I felt that alternating warm compressed and the soothies gel pads while experiencing mastitis was super helpful.

Disposable Nursing Pads


I’ve found that people are either a leaker or not a leaker. The first few weeks I wore these nursing pads all the time because I didn’t know what my body was going to do. My mom kept warning me that she would soak through shirts at night, so I was pretty paranoid about always having these on. I’ve since found out that I am in fact not a leaker and rarely wear them now.

The Lansinoh pads are nice though. They come individually packaged so it’s easy to stick a few in your purse or diaper bag to have on hand. The pads have a curved shape that fit nice around the breast and allow for not looking awkward through your bra or shirt. The back of the pads also have an adhesive to stick to your bar — I didn’t really use that feature though.

Breast Milk Storage Bags


Because of my oversupply, the breast milk storage bags are my most needed breastfeeding essential. I went through these samples in a blink of an eye and have bought so many more storage bags since. What is nice about these bags is that they hold more ounces than other competing brands. They also have a double lock zip which helps me ensure that the bag isn’t just going to open spontaneously.

Lanishoh also included diaper rash cream and baby wipes in my review box. It was like receiving a little surprise! We thankfully haven’t needed to use the diaper rash cream since Xander’s tushie has been a-okay. We did go through the wipes already and I have to say that Lansinoh wipes are one of the thickest! We received a few different brands of wipes as baby shower gifts and Lansinoh’s are a great option!

To learn more about Lansinoh, please visit their website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. Thank you Lansinoh for giving me the opportunity to review these items!

What breastfeeding items helped you?

Disclosure: I received the above items from Lansinoh at no cost. All opinions are honest and my own.


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    Loved their lanolin cream! It saved me those first couple weeks :)

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