AJH: Week 11

Does anyone else keep forgetting that Xander’s initials are AJH and not XJH? John and I literally never call him Alexander, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate having it as his full name when he’s older. Did I ever tell you that my real name is Katie? It doesn’t stand for Katherine, Kathleen, Katelyn, etc. My parents thought I might go by Kate when I was older, but that never happened. It’ll be interested to see what Xander decides to be called for himself!

Onto baby news of the week…


Look how long our little shortie is getting? At least he seems longer to me! The biggest news to note of week 11 (actually week 10 going into week 11) is Xander’s crazy growth spurt! Little boy is eating like crazy. I still think his two craziest days were during week 10, but the spurt continued over the weekend and he’s been napping all over the place too.


While these photos don’t show it as much, Xander’s personality is shining! He’s so happy and sweet after sleeping. He looks at us and smiles. He coos and repeats me when I say “oooh.” I have a really cute video of this that I’ll have to post for you to see.


Even though we don’t do tummy time as much as we should, Xander is excelling when he does have his short sessions of tummy time. This week he had his head up the highest yet and even rested/pushed off of his arms purposefully. So that’s good news that his arms are getting stronger too! We already know his legs are strong because he loves to stand on our laps and he works those little knees during tummy time! (I have a video of tummy time that I’ll have to post as well!)


Haha, how cute are daddy and Xander?! John was trying to do X’s expression, because he was just acting so cute and matter-of-factly. Xander’s been having more happy awake time and independent time. He still loves taking his naps with mommy… but when mommy is (gasp) not needing a nap, he’s getting better at being set down and staying asleep.

And that brings me to sleep. The last two days are starting to resemble that pattern he had started when we got back from PA, so let’s hope that the pattern is here to stay. This means a wake up around midnight, 3, and 6. Those are all variable and sometimes (okay, most times) he needs his paci put back in shortly after being laid down. Having three wake ups three hours a part is definitely an ideal night though — he really is still unpredictable and it’s not uncommon for one of us to end up with him in the nursery rocker from 4 am until wake up time.


I LOVE how well he watches us now. Because of this we’ve started incorporating baby sign language into conversation. We are just doing simple signs (eat, mommy, daddy, i love you, milk, water) when appropriate. We know it’s too early for him to actually repeat the signs, but it seems like he loves watching the signs. When he’s developmentally ready it’ll be fun to see him do the signs himself.

That’s all for week 11!

xo, The Heddleston’s

PS. Week 11 also included our first power outage where I was obsessed with asking John if all my frozen breast milk would be okay. We didn’t open the fridge or freezer and all was fine! It was definitely nerve wracking but the power was back on within 4 hours.


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    I am so glad to finally see someone doing baby signs with their baby! Yay for you!!:-) I did it with all 3 of mine, all with different results. With my oldest one we started introducing them around 2-3 months. We started with meal related ones first: eat, drink (or milk), more… she didn’t use them until she was older of course, but she did use them once she had better motor control- around 6-9 months. By 9 months she was starting to use words instead of signs. (Yes she talked really early-Mama and Dadda correctly at 7 months, complete sentences by a year! I kid you not, she was our “great communicator”. Even the pediatrician was totally amazed!)The diaper one was used the most and eventually helped make potty training easier. Our 2nd daughter had a rough start, a stint in the NICU, and then diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy by 9 months. She had some trouble with speech so we worked very hard teaching her baby signs. She adapted them to fit her fine motor capabilities, but they became one of our main forms of communication with her for about a year and a half while we worked on her speech. They were a total lifesaver!! I read that children who are taught baby signs from an early age have less tantrums because they are easier understood, and I totally agree with that.
    What Baby Signs book are you using? Are you going to share your experiences with baby signs as he gets older? I would love to hear how it works for you and him!
    By the way- where did you get that adorable giraffe pillow? I would love to get one for my toddler!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Hi Steph!
      Thanks for such a great comment! I do hope to talk about baby sign language on the blog — I would imagine that when he does start signing it would be fun to share a few videos of it! I’ll have to check which book we have next time I go upstairs — it’s a square little book that had some chapters for reading and then pictures/words of the signs. We got it on sale when Borders was going out of business :) I really loved reading the chapters that came with it and about the research that shows babies who sign actually know more words and communicated better than babies who don’t sign. It’s really so interesting! What fun stories with your kids — I hope to have some myself!

      As for the giraffe pillow.. my SIL got it for Xander. I texted her today and she said she bought it on Amazon.. the tag says Bestever. So I’m guessing that’s the brand. I think they have other animals too! Xander loves how soft it is!

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    Wow, you lost power for 4 hours? Ugh, I would be freaking about that too. That precious supply!! LOVE the pictures, he is so adorable!!!!

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Thank you Jo! And yes, I was soooo freaking out but it was all fine in the end! Whew!

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    For some reason, I never can tell if/when babies look like their parents. But it’s creepy how much your son and husband look alike!! Creepy in a good way 😉 Also, my mom’s name is Kim (not Kimberly) so it’s kind of similar. My grandparents liked the short version of the name, but not it’s full name.

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Haha thanks! SOOO many people say he looks like just John, so you’re not alone! I still try to find feature of me though too haha. Never met a Kim that wasn’t Kimberly — very awesome of your grandparents!!

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